Therapeutic Bodywork   *   Thayer Robins CMT

About Me

My goal is to help you feel good in your body and move with the strength and ease that is your birthright. To that end, I offer a wide range of skills, customized to your unique sensitivities, experiences, and goals.

My Skills

Structural Work: employs Neural Reset Therapy and/or Orthobionomy combined with Feldenkrais-like range-of-motion work to balance muscle tone and rewire out-of-date brain maps

Relaxation: draws on Orthobionomy, rocking and pulsing, and/or gentle movement to soothe hyperactive muscles and balance the nervous system

Therapeutic Cupping: performed using silicone and plastic cups on the skin to create a suction effect (negative pressure) that separates stuck tissue, releases trapped debris, and moves fluids

Jin Shin Jyutsu: an ancient Japanese art of restoring physical and mental health by harmonizing life energy; involves using hands to “jumper cable” vital energy flows

Nervous System Balancing: begins with an assessment of the state of the nervous system and follows with gentle techniques that restore balance to your autonomic nervous system; dysfunctions of both the sympathetic (“fight-or-flight”) system and the vagus nerve are addressed

Articles & Books Written

Changing Your Brain: A Practical Look at Neuroplasticity and the Ability We All Have to Change Our Brain and Nervous System

Professional Associations / Memberships

Neural Reset Therapy, Master Level Practitioner

Orthobionomy, Associate Practitioner

Jin Shin Jyutsu, Authorized Practitioner