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The IAHP - The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners is a professional network of more than 100,000 therapists who have taken continuing-education classes from IAHE and our affiliates.

It's also home of one of the world's premier online directories of bodyworkers which is accessible by the public 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. This allows people in your town or region who are looking for a practitioner to find you easily and quickly.

As a graduate of any of the coursework offered through IAHE, you receive a complimentary membership in the IAHP. This entitles you to a basic listing in the online directory. But there is so much more you could be getting from your membership.

Practitioner standards are of paramount importance to IAHP. IAHP reserves the right to remove practitioner listings when appropriate during and/or after investigation of reports of potential violation of standards or ethics.


What others are saying

I have found the IAHP / Upledger 'Find a Therapist' very very useful. Many of my patients are international visitors and it is so wonderful to be able to give them recommendations of whom to contact when they return to their home countries, or when they want to tell their families and friends about the fantastic treatment called CST. Please dear Upledgerians - keep your contact details up to date and urge all your fellow colleagues to register with the IAHP, it's worth it.

Carita Myyrylainen CST

Being a Medallion Member of IAHP has been extremely beneficial to my practice. I have been placed at the top of the list in my city. I have a Profile and there is a link to my business website. I definitely receive referrals from this connection. The IAHP Medallion Membership easily pays for itself and much more. I would highly recommend that you invest in yourself by becoming a Medallion Member. You're worth it. And... you will be so glad that you did that you will wonder why you didn't join sooner.

Kim Lawler-Coyle, P.T.

I have LOVED being a Medallion Member! The best part about it is being able to review the videos of the courses I have taken. It is absolutely priceless.

Sam Copeland, D.O.

Annual Membership $100 {USD} or $350 for five years

On-Line Class Review Videos. Access on-line review videos of the seminar levels that you have attended - review the evaluation and treatment techniques taught in each class so that you can maximize your learning and assist your patients more effectively. Log on simply and easily with the same username and password you use to access your Therapist Profile (discussed below).

Therapist Profile/Webpage. This is in addition to a Basic Listing in the IAHP directory. For an idea of how amazing this is for marketing your business, click on the Search Practitioners tab to the top left of this page. Put in any city, state, or zip code and click 'find'. You'll see the difference between a standard listing and a listing that has a link to a Therapist's Profile. The difference is getting YOU and your PRACTICE noticed.

Access to Your Class Rosters to help you network with the colleagues you trained with.

Medallion Icon. Medallion members appear first, before basic members, accompanied by a Medallion icon next to your name, showing that you hold your professionalism in the highest regard.

Therapist Resource Guide booklet on building a successful practice.

Strength - to be one of over 100,000 members globally who receive networking and support through the IAHP directory.

Support through Legislative and Community Efforts. The IAHP is a powerful network of professionals that represents your right to practice complementary care in the United States and around the World.

We work hard to protect your status as a professional; and the ability to offer alternative modalities. When there are legislative issues that threaten to change your right to practice alternative therapies, the IAHP is a source you can call on; and we do our own research too, to keep you abreast of changes we hear of first.

Annual Membership

  • $100 {USD} or $350 for five years.

Click here to enroll online or call us toll-free at 1-800-311-9204, dial option #2. Ask for priority code "E-IAHP" to get your new Medallion Membership and your free therapist profile today.