Regina Chante, LMT

Regina Chante, LMT

Offering professional, unique and personalized massage therapy since 2004.


"I have been fortunate enough to be getting massage from Regina for about 5 years.  She treats at a clinic where I can choose between several very skills practitioners, but I have come to request Regina every time because she is such a healer. She has treated me for several acute injuries as well as for general relaxation and wellness, and she never disappoints.  Her attunement with the rhythms of my body is a wonder to behold and I have really enjoyed her cranio-sacral work as well as her work with tuning forks.  I often can't resist conversing with Regina while I'm on the table and I just adore her intelligence, compassion and ability to connect on many levels."
- Anna D., Portland, OR

"I've had many massages before but not like Regina's. So incredible! She finds exactly the spots to go to." - Caitlin R., Portland, OR

"I always look forward to my sessions with Regina.  She has so much knowledge of bodies and how they hold energetic and emotional patterns, as well as muscle and body tightness.  She's been unwinding and releasing things I've carried for years in a very gentle and nurturing way. I feel a substantial shift in my body position and movements, and receive great insight about my emotional patterns too!  Seeing her isn't just a treat, it's part of my essential self care." - Lynssey U., Portland, OR

"My shoulder feels better after one session of CranioSacral Therapy than it has in over a year! [after numerous chiro and PT sessions]" - Nate R., Portland, OR

Contact Information

913 SW 16th Ave
Portland, Oregon
United States

tel. 503-228-5000 (day)


My Skills

A graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts, in Portland, Oregon, Regina offers trigger point therapy, massage cupping, guasha, relaxation massage, CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Acutonics® sound therapy. Her bodywork sessions are designed to help clients improve range of motion, increase blood and energy circulation, reduce overall stress, and support the body’s innate healing ability. 

A single therapy or combination of therapies in one session, based on the client's needs, helps to create an experience that is profoundly nurturing, relaxing and restorative. 

EDUCATION: Licensed Massage Therapist (Oregon); Upledger Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Level I, II; Somato-Emotional Release (SER) Level I; Acutonics® I, II, III, IV, Energetics of Points & Meridians; Usui Ryoho Reiki.
Continuing education in Acutonics® sound healing therapy.

For information on my certified Small Animal Acupressure and Equine Massage services, please visit:

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Professional Associations / Memberships

* Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP); CST Level 1 Instructor Assistant

Hours of operation / Fees

In-Person massage:

Equilibrium NW 913 SW 16th, Portland, OR 97205
Day & times available: 9:15 - 3:30, Wed, Thu, Fri.
Payment method: check, cash, visa, insurance billing. Call Equilibrium NW for bookings: 503-228-5000.
Services available at this location: Massage, hydrotherapy (alternating heat & cold packs), massage cupping, trigger point therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Acutonics® sound therapy.

Distance Healing:

Somato-Emotional Release via guided meditation, demonstration or images of stretches, yoga poses, breathwork technique, as needed.


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