Cari Rowan

Healing and Embodiment for Increased Aliveness

Certified CranioSacral Therapist
M.A. in Counseling
Embodiment Coach

Are you ready for:

* a renewed sense of ease, increased energy, and a healthier relationship to your body?
* a decrease in pain, stress, or anxiety and a deeper quality of relaxation and pleasure in your life??
* a stronger, clearer sense of presence and healthy boundaries in everything you do?
* deepening your skills as a CranioSacral Therapist?

If this sounds inviting to you, perhaps I can help.

These are some of the issues and conditions that I successfully assist my clients with on a regular basis through embodiment work, deepening awareness, gentle touch, breath and sound:

*Headaches, TMJ, neck and back pain, repetitive stress injuries.
*Fibromyalgia, cancer, nervous system disorders, auto-immune disorders.
*Post-traumatic stress (including veterans), depression, anxiety, addiction recovery, or ACOA issues.
*Self-defeating behaviors, thoughts and beliefs.

I welcome clients throughout the stages of life: pre-natal and pregnancy, childhood and adult, including palliative care.

My name is Cari Greywolf Rowan. The depth and breadth of my training and experience in both alternative and traditional therapies over the past 35+ years allows me to provide a solid, grounded, compassionate presence, and supports me in working in a manner that truly embraces the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of healing and recovery. Some of the techniques I have studied and use in our work together include:

* craniosacral therapy
* lymphatic drainage
* polarity
* reiki
* body wisdom
* breath and sound
* zero balancing

The exact techniques I use will be blended and integrated in a seamless treatment session designed specifically for your individual needs.

My work focuses on how you can live fully embodied. I focus on those systems that connect things: lymph, fascia, energy, central nervous system. Using gentle (non-manipulative) touch, we work together to find and facilitate releases of tension and restriction. This gives your body the opportunity to self-correct and rebalance, facilitating changes in your immune, digestive, neurological, cardio-respiratory and neuro-muscular systems.

I work in a manner that honors and listens to you and your body's own innate healing mechanisms. My goal is to support you in releasing pain and discomfort at the source rather than simply treating symptoms. It's amazing what your body can do when it feels truly listened to and deeply respected. An embodied life is one worth living.

    Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation: 914-715-4706

    Or, email me now @ (scroll up to top of this page and go to the link on the left side) with any questions about your healing possibilities.

In addition to my hands on work, I teach self-nurturing tools that empower you to take charge and maintain your health and well-being. As a Certified Healing from the Core Presenter, I offer both individual and group training in simple, effective techniques that can help you get and stay grounded, maintain healthy boundaries and prevent burn-out.

Additionally, I am an Upledger Certified Study Group leader with over 14 years experience guiding therapists from entry level through certification.

Some of my credentials include:

Certified CranioSacral Therapist
Master's degree in Counseling with post graduate training in addiction and trauma recovery
Certified NY State HIV Counselor (retired)
Certified NY Addictions Counselor (retired)
Universal Life Church Minister
Certified Healing from the Core Presenter

I have been blessed to study with many gifted teachers and guides including Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Dr. John Upledger, Valerie Thea VanderMer, Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, Patrick Collard, Steven and Meredith Foster, Sun Bear, Grandmother Evelyn Eaton, Oh Shinnah, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Tom Brown, Rahina Sherry Friedman, Patricia Hunt-Perry, Dr. Phoenix Gibson, Father Thomas Keating, Mary Mrozowski, Rosalyn Bruyere, Erik Bendix and, most significantly, each of my incredible clients and students who have gifted me with the honor of facilitating the next step of their journey. Deep gratitude to each of them.

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