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About Me

Angie Walker qualified and practised as a nurse for twenty one years. Following an injury, Angie left the field of nursing. During the period of her recovery, Angie benefited from 'CranioSacral Therapy' and 'Counselling'

She underwent further training and became a Reiki Maser, this energy healing incorporates naturally during treatment sessions, producing a deeper, even more profound healing experience.

Angie then embarked on her Higher National Diploma in Counselling, the course covering predominantly 'Person Centered Counselling' and 'Cognitive Behavioural Therapy' (CBT). She graduated from this course and uses an integrative approach to her counselling therapy. She also went on to obtain the 'Diploma in Life Coaching'.

Angie feels that encompassing the range of skills that she has developed over the years, are very beneficial to her holistic approach and individualised care she provides for her clients. She has extensive and varied experience in working with people in the treatment of both physical and emotional conditions. She has numerous 'Personal Testimonials' which may be made available for you perusal.

Angie has special interest in the treatment of conditions such as:
low energy & reduced vitality, neck pain & whiplash injury, back pain & sciatica, bone, joint & muscular disorders, chronic fatigue and ME, emotional problems, post traumatic stress, depression, general stress, feelings of being overwhelmed or lack of self empowerment, migraines & headaches, any stress related condition, anxiety, low self-esteem or confidence issues, self development & assertiveness issues, general health issues, unrelenting aches or pains, post trauma, low immune system, detoxifying and healing post surgery, anaesthesia or injury, digestive problems & IBS, panic attacks, phobias, hormonal imbalances, TMJ, teeth clenching or grinding, insomnia, sinusitis, menstrual & pre menstrual tension issues.

Angie has found these therapies have had favourable effects with the numerous and very varied conditions that have presented to her, within her practice.

Here is an extract from one of her clients testimonials:

"I came to craniosacral therapy looking for relaxation and happiness. I found several routes to happiness. The therapy has helped me to express and dispose of permanently, emotions such as anger, abandonment, and fear. It has put me in control of my own life and has improved the quality & communication within my relationships. It has improved my position at work, where i am being treated differently. I have also seen improvement in backache & asthma but much of the improvement has gone on between the sessions as well. I feel as if my body has been given the tools to get on with the job"

(Solicitor) LeamingtonSpa.....

My Skills

CranioSacral Therapy Upledger
CranioSacral Therapy Level 1
CranioSacral Therapy Level 2
Somato Emotional Release (SER)
Integrative Counsellor
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)
Registered Nurse
Reiki Master
Life Coach

Articles & Books Written

Angie has a number of testimonials which may be made available for your perusal and further details about Angie's services can be found in the 'UK Directory of Counselling and Psychotherapy' if you search for Location Stratford upon Avon CV37.

Professional Associations / Memberships

Member of the Cranio Sacral Society (MCSS)
International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP)
Member Cranio Sacral Society (MCSS) Reg. Accred. Member British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)
Associate Member of Association of Coaching (AMAC)
Member of International Regulator Coaching and Mentoring (IRCM)
Registered Nurse (RN)
Reiki Master (Member Tera-Mai UK Society (TMUKS)

Available for patients

Case studies, easy to understand explanations about the CranioSacral System, Visceral Manipulation, products to use between sessions, and much more. More information