Sarah Woodard, CST-D

I certified as a CranioSacral Practitioner in 1996, and as an advanced Diplomate practitioner in 2015. Gently facilitating physical, somatic and emotional process for clients is my life's work. Integrating many complementary bodywork modalities,as called for, enriches the healing resources for my clients. In addition to a full practice with individuals, I teach CST Study Groups, Mentor new practitioners, and present public instruction on CST. I am Upledger Institute certified as a Teaching Assistant, Mentor and Study Group Leader. Over my many years of practice, I have treated people from all walks of life and with all manners of issues - brain trauma, migraines, acute ailments, structural and misalignment issues, pre-and post operative issues, somato emotional journeys, guided body awareness session, health maintenance, stress reduction, process integration and many other issues. I work with the individual. No session is the same, though each has Cranial Sacral Therapy as its basis. Each session is based on following the body's wisdom in its journey toward health. My clients are diverse, including babies, children, pregnant moms, elderly and all the folks in between. I welcome new CST students and enjoy mentoring them in CST techniques supporting them to gain confidence as practitioners, through teaching study groups. Educated in Biology and Art, with graduate courses in Humanistic Psychology, somatic awareness, and bodywork methods, I bring a deep appreciation for the patterns we live by. All of my studies have been inspired by a life long curiosity about mind/body consciousness. I work with the patterns of how our minds affect our bodies, and how our bodies affect our minds. Finding the mind-body intersection, and inviting healing consciousness into it, is a gratifying aspect of my practice.

My work brings together training in science, an abiding creative consciousness, and a 30 year practice of meditation. A precise knowledge of anatomy, gentleness cultivated through meditation, and experience with many issues, all contribute to the healing environment for my clients.

Sarah Woodard, CST-D

My Skills
Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release; Pediatric CST; Bodynamics, Acupressure; Visceral Manipulation; Meditation in Action; guided imagery and dialog. Compassionate Healing Touch (based on karuna meditation); Ordinary Magic.

Articles & Books Written
In recent years, my colleague and I have developed a course, titled "Compassionate Healing Touch", which blends the principles of CranioSacral Therapy with Buddhist and Shambhala metta practices of loving kindness. Its intention is to facilitate healing touch amongst family members of all generations. In the class we teach simple palpation skills, compassionate listening, and specific, effective protocol for taking care of common issues. The class incorporates kindness practices to facilitate healing, and is offered periodically at Northern California Shambhala Centers.

In addition, I am an Upledger certified Study Group Leader. I have lead CST Study Groups for many years. In group, we explore all dimensions of CST using standard protocol as a foundation. Experiential exercises, protocol review, and case studies guide the group practice. We also explore what it means to be a healer, and do some energetic group exercises to help hone our subtle palpation skills.

We practice on each other during the meeting, which helps introduce multi-hands practice, a powerful learning and treatment modality. All questions, challenges with the work and shared learning are honored. The group leads the way!

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Upledger's International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

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