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Are you losing sleep because your newborn is difficult?

Perhaps you have tried every piece of advice from friends and the pediatrician, and nothing is working!

Are you....

  • worn out and irritable from little sleep
  • wondering What is wrong with me? Am I a bad mother?
  • struggling with nursing

Is your child....

  • sleeping fitfully
  • crying excessively
  • spitting up most of his milk
  • sensitive to touch

During the birthing of your child, did you experience stress or anxiety?

Were you were dealing with...

  • unplanned procedures and interventions
  • previous miscarriage or loss
  • previous Cesarean births
  • difficult circumstances in your personal life
  • concerns for your or your baby's health

Did your child experience...

  • the umbilical cord around the neck
  • being stuck in the birth canal
  • a breech birth
  • forceps assisted birth
  • suctioning
  • a Cesarean birth

You are not alone. The truth is-- birth is hard work for mom and baby. The stress of even the most so-called normal births can stay in the tissues causing the central nervous system to hold tension in both mom and baby.

You and your baby deserve to move past these traces of tension and access the deep bonding that you both desire.

For babies this means...

  • deep, calm sleep
  • ease with feeding and digestion
  • enjoying loving eye contact
  • relaxed body and internal organs

For moms and dads you can...

  • connect more deeply with your baby
  • rest and restore yourself
  • feel more confident about being a parent

Our amazing bodies already have all the juicy hormones that come to life with birth and allow us to bond and care for this new life - even without a manual!
Carrying stress or tension interferes with this natural love juice between parent and baby.

I specialize in helping moms and babies release the stress of the birth process in order to have a smooth start to life together.

I use a light-touch, gentle form of bodywork, combined with other training, to support mom, dad and baby to restore calm to the central nervous system and release stress in internal organs, allowing the body to self-correct and reclaim the birthright of health.

I am a trained birth Doula with knowledge of the gestation and birth process.

I have been present at births in the hospital and the home setting. Working with the baby, I have witnessed the innate wisdom of the baby's body to self-correct within hours of the birth.

I worked with a mother who prepared in every way possible for the birth of her child, including regular cranial sessions, childbirth education and amazing art creations celebrating birth that she put up in her room in the hospital.

When her child was born by Cesarean section, she wanted to move quickly past the disappointment toward her future with her daughter.

Within a week of the birth during a CST session, the baby spontaneously moved in ways that mom recognized from their labor together. Following the baby's session, dad took baby to another room while mom had her session.

Mom's body spontaneously experienced what felt like a vaginal birth.

We asked dad to bring the baby back in so mom and baby could experience the bonding that they had missed. Dad was amazed because the whole time mom was in her session, baby was only happy burrowing into dad's armpit!

It was such a significant proof that mom's and baby's body were both so connected and both wanting to transform the memory of the first experience! Baby slept better after that. Mom and Dad were more relaxed.

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