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Once upon a time, I planned to be a ballet dancer. My body, however, had other plans. My freshman year in college, I rolled my ankle while landing from a jump, tearing ligaments in it a week before auditions of A Chorus Line, the one musical I had dreamed of being in. I still auditioned, in a cast, on crutches, for the experience. I wasn�t sure whether to be pleased or even more heart-broken when the director told me afterwards that he sure could�ve used me.

Once I was out of the cast, my ankle struggled to keep up with the demands my dance degree was putting on it and after 3 years I decided to leave dance for Plan B � getting my massage therapy license. If I couldn�t be a dancer at least I could still work with dancers and live vicariously.

And then I decided to take a craniosacral course after I received my massage license and all thoughts of a career in sports massage went out the window. I fell in in love with CST and decided, in 1995, to devote myself to developing the skills needed to specialize in this technique.

Surprisingly, or not, my background in dance has paid off even though I hung up my pointe shoes years ago. It gave me the gift of a keen eye for noticing how people move and where things are stuck, which helps me problem solve my clients� riddles of "why am I hurting?".

Along the way, I decided to get my Bachelor�s degree in Social Work because I wanted better skills for supporting people through trauma. I never practiced professionally, but my education helped me to develop the listening and support skills required to do what I do today. Some of which includes:

    helping babies free up stuck spots so they can turn their heads both ways or nurse without causing their mama to turn to Lamaze breathing for pain relief.
    putting high school and/or adult athletes back together again so they can finish the season or heal from an injury more quickly.
    helping people with tight jaws have less snap, crackle, pop when they open and close their mouth.
    working with people experiencing high stress so they can breathe more freely and land back in their body so they can find their way through the hard more easily.
    introducing people to their bodies and help them understand how it works and what it�s telling them so they can develop a better relationship with it. We only get one body, we might as well learn how to take care of it.

I�m big on self-compassion and permission to feel what you feel. I�m also big on cultivating awareness and paying attention. Our bodies have a whole lot of wisdom to share with us if we will take the time to listen. My clients have been known to fall asleep during a session, laugh freely and cry when needed. It�s all good and I�m here to help my clients feel safe and supported while they do the work their body needs done. I feel incredibly lucky to do what I love for a living.

As for life away from my table, I�m a long awaited mama to a 4 year old girlie, an occasional knitter, anatomy nerd & personal growth junkie. I love learning so much I have 5 books in progress and am working on making peace with the fact that I will never know all that I want to know. I also have a website specifically for craniosacral therapists.

My passion is helping people find greater ease and health in their bodies. I look forward to sharing this powerful and profound work with you.

My Skills

In addition to completing Advanced CranioSacral with the Upledger Institute and becoming a Certified CranioSacral Therapist, I've received extensive training through Sacred Spaces Seminars (now The Neurovascular Institute) including specialized pediatrics training and skills for working inside the mouth to treat jaw pain. I�ve also worked at The Upledger Institute as a visiting therapist in their intensive treatment program.

From 2001-2006 I was an instructor for Sacred Spaces Seminars (now The Neurovascular Institute). During that time I taught The Foundations of Profound Neutral, a four day course for health care professionals teaching them how to work with the craniosacral system.

In July, 2012, I became a Healthy Foot Practitioner�. I received my training through the Restorative Exercise Institute. The training involved a thorough education of foot mechanics, how foot function affects whole-body health, and the role of footwear on foot health and foot pain. I now include this information in my sessions so that my clients develop a better understanding of how their body works, how alignment affects their health and how they can help themselves in between sessions.

In conjunction with being a Healthy Foot Practitioner™, I am now a Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and Certified Personal Trainer through the Restorative Exercise Institute and recently completed advanced teacher training. In December, 2012, I received specialized Tummy Time™ training with Michelle Emanuel, OT. This works supports parents in learning the skills needed to create a satisfying and enjoyable tummy time experience for their baby.

Lisa  Gillispie BSW, LMT, CST

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4400 N. High St.
Suite 405
Columbus, Ohio 43214

tel. 614 563-3094 (day)


Hours of operation / Fees

You can easily schedule an appointment online by clicking here to go to my online scheduling system. I work with clients during the week by appointment. If you would like to speak with me directly, I can be reached at (614) 563-3094.

Initial appointments for adults and infants are 75 minutes long and cost $95 plus tax. This gives us ample time to review you, or your child�s, medical history, evaluate the current situation, answer questions and begin to develop and implement a treatment plan. In addition we will develop a plan for you to work with at home so that you can support the work that was done during your session. An initial appointment for children who are crawling and older is 60 minutes and costs $80 plus tax. Accepted methods of payment are: cash, check, all major credit cards

Note: If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to afford the full fee, please contact me by email at Lisa [at] LisaLLC.com or by phone at (614) 563-3094 to discuss options for working together.

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