Life Path Awakening

What do you need to move forward on your Life Path?

Empowerment * Freedom * Transformation

Inner change creates outer progress.

Somra Spirit, IC®, BCTMB

Personal Growth * Spiritual Development
Coach, Consultant, Practitioner, Facilitator, Teacher, Mentor
Over 30 years experience

The world is changing . . . fast. An awakening is happening. The old paradigms are dying out. Many people are feeling unsettled & overwhelmed. They know they can't ignore what they feel anymore & that they need to make some changes but aren't sure how.

I've been empathic & partially awakened all my life, & on a conscious personal & spiritual growth path for most of it. I became an intuitive facilitator, bodyworker, healer, & teacher in 1989. With my innate perception, experience, knowledge, & skills, I bring a unique depth, wisdom, comprehensiveness, & compassion to my work. I help you free yourself of what's keeping you stressed, frustrated, anxious, confused, struggling, ill, or otherwise stuck in one or more areas of your life. I help you create a life you LOVE.

Over the years, I have facilitated thousands of people. I know

what works & what doesn't. My work is for those who are:

* Open to new perspectives & ways of thinking

* Highly motivated to clear inner obstacles & barriers

* Determined to do whatever it takes to be free

* Willing to make their own needs a priority

* Wanting to live their natural life instead of all the "shoulds"

* Wanting to understand themselves more fully, not just fix current problems

* Actively engaged in their own personal growth process, or are starting to be

* Willing to explore the past for keys to current solutions & healing

* Accepting responsibility for their choices & how they feel

* Willing to question their assumptions

* Willing to feel their honest feelings

* Willing to release old family patterns & set healthy boundaries

* Ready & able to take the next step on their unique & precious Life Path.

* You must be age 18 or over.

This is your life journey. Only you can create things differently within it. There is no magic pill or formula. Yet when working as a team with a perceptive, skilled facilitator who's been through it too, the ease of changes you've tried to achieve by yourself for so long can seem like magic... & the process can even become fun.

What are you wanting next on your Life Path?

* Less stress, more relaxation & joy

* Clarity about a decision or life purpose
* Freedom from a habit or addiction
* Job change (you're in one or wanting one)
* To be at your natural weight
* Financial abundance
* To feel good, be healthier & pain-free
* Improvement in or release of a relationship
* Less frustration, fear, guilt, anger, judgment
* Greater self-esteem & self-worth
* Resolution of an issue
* Flowing creativity
* More inner peace & fulfillment
* Inner Transformation
* Spiritual Awakening

We'll start with a free 30-minute Awakening Breakthrough Session to discuss what you're wanting, & find out the 3 primary things holding you back & if I have an offering or program that's a good fit for your needs.

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My Skills

Education & Experience:

Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, Intrinsic Coaching®, Institute for Brain Potential, Personal Growth, Mind-Body-Emotion Connection, Sexual Trauma Recovery, Spiritual Development, Aromatherapy, Emotional Release, Sound & Energy Healing, House & Property Clearing

Additional Resonance & Experience:

My own deep intuitive perceptions & understanding of human consciousness dynamics; the work of Peter Levine PhD, Dr. Robert Scaer MD, Wayne Kritsberg, Michael J. Lincoln PhD, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, & others; Bilaterial Stimulation, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Brainspotting, Aroma Freedom Technique™, 12-Step Programs, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Physical Fitness, Cleansing & Detoxing for Health, Plant-Based Diet & Lifestyle, Raw Foods, Whole Organic Foods, Wild Edibles

Prior Training & Career Experience:

Natural Health Coaching, Massage & Bodywork Therapy, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release®, Raindrop Technique®, Reiki Master, Chemistry of Essential Oils, Emotional Release with Essential Oils, Healing Oils of Ancient Scripture, Applied VitaFlex, Light Color Therapy, The Silva Method, BFA in Design 

What clients are saying:

"It has been life-altering to work with Somra on some difficult issues that I thought would never go away. I had a series of EFT sessions to work through a life challenge as a child. With her gentle coaching and insights, she was able to skillfully show me how so many things were related to each other, and along with that clear up a bad habit I thought I could never change. By the end of that process, I was so grateful for the healing that had occurred because of her loving approach, her skill at getting right to the core of the issues, and the vast amount of training she had to be able to weave all parts together so that the healing could begin. I am so blessed to have her in my life." ~S.P.

"Somra has a gift of getting to the root of the chaotic & anxious feelings I often carry. She keeps me grounded and centered. She brings an amazing feeling of peace and calm to my life. So amazing!" ~K.P.

"My work with Somra over the last year has made a huge positive impact in my life. She has a way of being calming, funny and intuitive all at the same time. She has never made me feel self-conscious with any of the feelings that I have shared with her. She makes you feel like we, as humans, have life situations that need work and we all are working toward a better outcome. She is incredibly knowledgeable with many resources that help speed your healing along. We have been performing EFT work as well and it is amazing how it is calming and yet effective. My life will never be the same because of Somra and I look forward to the changes she is going to help me achieve in the future." ~Angela

"I have been working with Somra for several years now. Through multiple techniques and skills, including energy work, coaching and EFT, Somra has helped me navigate the most challenging life changes that I've ever experienced. I am so grateful that she was (and still is) a resource to help me see things differently when I needed to and provide a consistent sense of being grounded when everything around me was swirling. When I look back at who I was when I first started seeing Somra, to who I am today, I know that my personal and spiritual development has progressed at the rate that it has because of her kind, insightful and loving support and guidance." ~S.K.

"The first 2 things I was told about Somra's EFT/Life Coaching work was 'She is so loving and so real' and the other was 'you can absolutely work through anything with her and there is absolutely NO judgment.' Well both of those sounded pretty excellent but after years of traditional therapy with several very kind and highly qualified doctors, I was not really expecting that to be exactly true. After the first 8 minutes of our first session I saw that Somra is very much the embodiment of genuine love and non-judgment. I have struggled for over 35 years with debilitating issues that we are directly and actively addressing in a way I never thought possible. The change and the process and the progress are so very real. And all that work takes place in a space filled with love and light and deep, deep support. I am on my way. Thank you, Somra." ~Tommy DaMitz

"Somra, I simply don't have words that feel powerful enough to express how much of a blessing you and your work have been, and continue to be, in my life. Without fail, shortly after each session ends, I find myself anxiously awaiting the next time I get to speak with you. Your guidance, knowledge and wisdom are the absolute definition of what blessings are and I am so grateful to have found you and consider myself very fortunate to be able to be a recipient of your healing gifts. You are so consistent with your receptive personality, patience and kindness but, at the same time, you have the ability to keep our sessions productive and focused. And, on the same note, you also kindly and confidently know when to call me on my bulls*t that I have so often times tried not only to convince you of, but also myself. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough but, thank you." ~Sherry G.

"Somra's spiritual growth mentoring in her consultations over the past several years have been very valuable. She's helped me open doors I didn't know were there and discover and express powerful abilities I didn't know I had. I look forward to what I'm going to discover next. The spiritual practices that she's taught me have been very effective in my personal and professional life. I was particularly pleased to discover how well her techniques help me navigate my challenging corporate work environment. It is true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I call her "Sensei," since Somra is a true teacher. I would not be where I am today without her kind and patient support, guidance, and wisdom." ~Mike Brown

Class Attendees:

"Thank you, Somra for such a powerful and meaningful workshop! There are no words to describe it, nor are there words to describe you. I am so blessed to have found you!" ~Linda Burton

"Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. I so appreciate you taking the time to get us all together and share. Your journey is amazing! Your strength is unbelievable! Your compassion and knowledge astounds me. I do not know how I was allowed to cross your path, but I am truly grateful for knowing you and for the help you give me and the many others." ~Allison H.

License Number

NCBTMB #007716-00

Articles & Books Written

Somra has created, written, & taught a variety of classes in the fields of energywork, self-help, & spiritual development. Somra has also been a repeated guest speaker at retreat events on wellness & self-help methods, & in college classes on Alternative Therapies & Parapsychology.

Professional Associations / Memberships

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Young Living Essential Oils

Hours of operation / Fees

Business Hours for Zoom Sessions:
10:30am-6:30pm Eastern — Tuesday-Friday


In my programs, I use 2 methods & 2 levels of depth, depending on your life focus.


1. Dialog: Facilitation through specific dialoging processes, Intuitive Coaching, Consultation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting, & other techniques that help you reach resolution/goals as swiftly & smoothly as possible.

2. Energetics: A combination of dialog & distant Energywork. This is best for those times when you need to get out of your head, open up, receive, & allow the shifts to happen without your mind's participation.

Life Path Sessions:

Level 1: Personal Growth Facilitation — For those who are dedicated to really transforming themselves & their lives...healing the past, letting go of limiting beliefs...discovering & growing into their joyous life purpose & Authentic Self. They regularly dedicate time to using self-help tools & practices that foster growth, well-being, & achievement of their intentions. Personal Growth Facilitations help you understand yourself more fully & move through areas where you feel stuck & unclear. You'll also receive helpful information, perspectives, strategies, & tools to incorporate into your own self-practices to accelerate your progress.

Level 2: Spiritual Awakening Mentoring — For those who are on a conscious path of spiritual evolution integrating their personal growth path with their spirituality to awaken to a greater reality. It doesn't matter whether you're inclined to Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, 12-Steps, Shamanism, Buddhism, Christianity, or other defined or undefined path(s). If the Love in your spirituality is more important to you than dogma, you'll likely find the wisdom, perspectives, practices, & teachings I share to be expansive, practical, profound, validating, transformational, uplifting to your heart, & a breath of fresh air.

"I have said to several people, when I have commented on or recommended your work, that you honor people, and that you approach your work with a high integrity…. Thank you for allowing that non-judging space." ~ L. J.

"Since meeting Somra my life is in a much better place. I can't imagine my life without her. I call her my "reprogrammer." Sometimes, what we learn growing up is not always correct and we need to learn a new vocabulary. She guides me through this. Through her energy work and EFT sessions, she has helped me with anxiety and learning to remain calm. My coaching sessions are invaluable as sometimes I need a sounding board to make (both personal and business) decisions or to give me a perspective I had not thought of. She doesn't just sit and listen to me or regurgitate what I said back to me but instead gives very helpful and strategic insight for things I may not be able to come up with on my own. She GLOWS with pureness and joy, who wouldn't want her in their life to help you be the BEST YOU you can be! Thank you, Somra! I always look forward to more."  ~ L.S.

Driving directions

Sessions are done by Zoom video call from wherever you are in the United States. By telephone is an option if you don't have a computer or smart phone.

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