My quest to understand the human body led me to attain a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and a Bachelor of Science with distinction in Physiotherapy. Both degrees were attained at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

For 23 years, a passion for travel led me to work in the U.S.A, U.K, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, Africa and South America. This diversity in life and therapeutic perspectives resulted in an eclectic approach to patient care, with a strong focus on identifying the root cause of dysfunction.

Working with minimal resources in developing countries and in foreign languages necessitated the development of keen observational and manual skills to identify and treat causes of dysfunction. Understanding that the body is a representation of a person’s habits, injuries, usage, temperament and genetics, I place a strong emphasis on carefully listening to each client and to attentively assessing their bodies' tension patterns. Each session involves individualized treatment to address the causes of dysfunction within the body systems. I also focus on tailoring home exercise programs and teaching self-management strategies to holistically support a person’s quest for wellness.

It is my heartfelt desire to effectively collaborate with clients in an effort to find viable solutions to their health and wellness challenges.

My Skills

Techniques Certification in CranioSacral Therapy (CST-T)
Certified Lymphedema Therapist with the Lymphology Association of North America (CLT-LANA) Physiotherapist

Extensive course history including the Brain curriculum developed by Dr. Bruno Chikly as well as Neurodynamics, Mulligen and McConnell techniques and Cancer Rehabilitation.

Articles & Books Written

Contributor of health related articles for Nanaimo Magazine: https://www.downtownmagazine.ca/nanaimo/pdf/Jan19.pdf - page 41 (Mindfulness) https://www.downtownmagazine.ca/nanaimo/pdf/Nov18.pdf - page 19 (Lymphatic System) https://www.downtownmagazine.ca/nanaimo/pdf/Sep18.pdf - page 40 (Lipedema) https://www.downtownmagazine.ca/nanaimo/pdf/Jul18.pdf - page 37 (Breathing) https://www.downtownmagazine.ca/nanaimo/pdf/May18.pdf - page 48 (Breast Cancer) https://www.downtownmagazine.ca/nanaimo/pdf/Mar18.pdf - page 8 (Lymphedema)

Professional Associations / Memberships

College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia
British Columbia Lymphedema Association
Lymphology Association of North America
International Association of HealthCare Practitioners

License Number


Form Health Clinic Inc.
3034 Ross Road
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 3Z1

tel. 250.756.9722 (day)
fax. 2507569758


Hours of operation / Fees

Monday, Wednesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Available for patients

Case studies, easy to understand explanations about the CranioSacral System, Visceral Manipulation, products to use between sessions, and much more. More information

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