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Bethany Athena Jezik, who goes by her middle name, opened Bodyworks Massage Therapy Clinic and Apothecary in Killeen, Tx in 1988. In 2004 she relocated in Austin, Texas working primarily in the advanced cranio/sacral and lymphatic drainage arena.

She has treated a variety of challenging structural and pain issues. With her training, endless practice and genuine care for clients, the results she has accomplished places her in high demand. Results are the norm and not the exception of her practice.

She has work in a chiropractic office a few hours each week introducing CST and LDT to many patients. She terminated this position after 18 months due to high demand in her private practice.

She worked on a non profit organization with a network of practitioners who have chosen to work with veterans experiencing PTSD or TBI as a result of the war experience. Cranio/sacral and Lymphatic Drainage are excellent therapies for returning soldiers. It works well with adjunct alternative therapies. In 2013 Athena got a call from people in India who saw her work on You Tube. The family who contacted her brought her to India to work on many people who suffered from severe sciatica and bulging discs. Once she got there, she realized that the Indians aren't people who jump into surgery. One came in on a gurney, several came dragging a leg or using a cane as the pain was intense. Her success was incredible. She was brought back three times, and wanted her to start a clinic in Northern India, however her dedication to her current clients made it easy to return home with a great experience seeing the incredible results CST offers. Several years later, these people are still doing well.

She worked with the Texas Health Freedom Coalition to keep legislators in check so as not to regulate (own) our choices in health care. Unfortunately her experience there only validated that the system of healthcare in America will not allow alternative modalities to be practiced in unadulterated form. This was disappointing, however Athena didn't give up, rather she focused on her work and clients and remained dedicated to helping all who found her.

For a short while she hosted an internet radio show called Auspicious Journey.

Her skill is technically pure as trained by the Upledger Institute. Clients consider her work to be thorough and effective. She has clients who drive to Austin from areas as far as three hundred miles away. Her reach is far, and is cause to many connecting to themselves in deeper ways and to experience the profound power in the subtle anatomy and passive techniques.

She also works on pediatrics and has seen a lot of changes in preventing children from going into lengthy colds or congestion. She has worked with children who have experienced severe traumas, or other complex health issues giving much relief and change. Athena is semi-retired and maintains a sanctuary for healing of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Contact me at:

My skills

Cranio/Sacral Therapy, advanced level, pediatrics, lymph drainage, massage therapy-soft tissue manipulation.

Detoxification and nutritional considerations which are basic, common sense, easy to merge into, and is designed to work with various individual situations and physical constitutions. She has also been studying the healing effects of Redux Signaling Molecules that has been miraculous in repair and replacement of damaged tissues. More on that on the website.

Professional Associations / Memberships
Member of the Texas Health Freedom Coalition. (2007 - )
Consultant for Citizens Committee for Veteran's Affairs (Texas and California). (2008 - 2010)
Founder and steering committee member of Veterans Initiative Alliance. Organization has merged with another Veteran's group. (2007 - 2008)
Former member on the Citizens Board
Parker Chiropractic College
Dallas, Tx (2002 - 2005)
Former member on Continuing Education Board
Scott and White Hospital
Temple, Tx (2003)

Upledger's International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

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