Thomas Rasmussen has a Ph.D. Degree in Medical Science and has worked with medical science and evidence-based medicine since 1994. In addition, he has a broad scientific background with a MSc in Chemistry, a BSc in Biochemistry and a BSc in Biology.

Thomas has been a leading scientist publishing many studies in international journals. Thomas continues his research work with focus on the craniosacral system. Thomas owns a private clinical practice (Clinic for Manuel Medicine), helping patients with CranioSacral Therapy and other IAHE modalities. Thomas is an International Teacher for Upledger Institute International, and teaches the CST classes, as well as The Brain Speaks 1 and 2 classes. He has developed a class with Upledger Institute International called Beyond the Cranial Base.

Thomas is also the Director of Research for Upledger Institute International. His responsibilities include:

     Conduct research and collaborate with other research teams to forward CST research.

     Determine what research would best support Upledger CST.

     Condense research down to what could be relevant in the Upledger curriculum.

Kirke Vaeriosevej 18A
Vaeriose, 3500

tel. 0045 30 255544 (day)