Sinead McGarrigle, CST
Certified Craniosacral Practitioner & Rehabilitation Trainer

Sinead McGarrigle is the leading Craniosacral Practitioner & Rehabilitation Trainer in Northern Ireland, with practices at the North Down Chiropractic Clinic in Bangor and Home Clinic in Seaforde, Co. Down.

Sinead has been in practice since 1996 and set up Lifetime Health in 2000. Promoting the benefits of mind and body investment Sinead offers individual consultations, group workshops and a range of seminars for various organisations and is dynamically passionate about the benefits of investing in both the physical and mental aspects of personal health.

"My job is to help those, who want to, find positive solutions to their health issues and take an active interest in their health - for good".
Sinead McGarrigle, CST

My Skills
Sinead completed her Professional Cert. in Exercise and Fitness in 1997 with Leeds Metropolitan University and has continued her own self-development with various courses including graduating from the University of Ulster after three years training with a Diploma in Counselling, a Life Coaching qualification and has since continued her studies in Craniosacral Therapy, establishing her as an advanced professional in her field of physical and mental health.

Sinead's special interest areas include children's health, exercise therapy and self-development therapy for adults, where Sinead has helped hundreds of clients, from babies to adults with a wide range of symptoms.

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Articles & Books Written
Modern Mum Magazine...... "Autism & Craniosacral Therapy"
Irish News...................... "Taking the Mystery out of CST"
Mourne Oberserver........... "What is Craniosacral Therapy"

and Sinead's own newsletter for her business 'Lifetime Health'.

Professional Associations / Memberships
Sinead McGarrigle is currently the highest qualified Certified Craniosacral Practitioner in Northern Ireland. She runs her practice legally and professionally keeping up to date with training requirements and regular Supervision, having recently attained her Certification in August 2011.

Sinead is an Advanced Instructor and Member of the Registrar for Exercise Professionals, Professional Member of Backcare, the charity for healthier backs and member of the International Assocation of Health Practitioners.

Sinead McGarrigle, CST

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