Key terms to know as you begin your search

Therapist listings indicate the credentials and areas of study and practice that a practitioner has achieved. Here are explanations of some key terms you should know as you begin your search.

When you see...

Certified Therapist. This therapist has completed a rigorous testing and certification program and has shown knowledge and proficiency in the stated technique.

Emblem in Left Corner. This therapist is a Medallion member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, a worldwide professional organization. What this means for you: This therapist is committed to the practice of his/her therapy. As a Medallion member, this therapist has unlimited access to continuing education materials and the latest research. VIP status is granted to Medallion Members who are Satellite offices (blue emblem), IAHE Faculty (gold emblem), IAHE Certified Therapists (silver emblem), IAHE Therapist (purple emblem). If a person is a Faculty member and a Satellite, then they would be listed at the higher color, which is the blue emblem.

IAHE Teacher. This therapist is an approved instructor in the therapy listed, having completed advanced coursework, rigorous testing and a thorough apprenticeship program.

IAHE Teaching Assistant. This therapist is an approved teaching assistant in the listed course/s, having completed advanced coursework along with demonstrating skills necessary for a assistant position.

IAHE Presenter. This therapist is an approved presenter at conferences and other professional meetings worldwide.

Study Group Leader. This therapist leads an ongoing study group of therapists in his/her area.