Practitioner search help

To search for a practitioner you can do so several ways, keeping in mind that LESS is MORE:

  1. If you know the Modality you want to search for, select that along with the desired zip/postal code OR city OR country.
  2. If you know the name of the person you're looking for, type in only their first or last name - but NOT both.
  3. If you know only the zip/postal code that's plenty of info. If you would like a bit of a wider geographical range, only use the first 3 or 4 zip code digits (for US), for example to find cities around Palm Beach Gardens, just use 334 or 3341 instead of 33412.
  4. If you are searching in the United Kingdom, select United Kingdom for the country, and in the State / Province / Territory / UK Country field, put in the country you would like to search in, such as Scotland, and it will suggest listings to search.

If you have any further questions, or have updated information to add, please contact us.

If you are an alumnus and either are not listed or feel that your records are incomplete, please send an email to with complete details. If you are asking for a trainings from a current foreign affiliate to be added, please attach a certificate of attendance to verify.

Are you a practicing bodyworker? For more information on joining forces with the IAHP, please contact us.