Dr. Lisa Brady Grant
Chiropractor, BI-Diplomate, Senior Instructor

Lisa Brady Grant, DC earned Chiropractic Degree !982 New York Chiropractic College

Barral Institute Instructor:
    VM1 Abdomen 1 - VM2 Abdomen 2 - VM3 Pelvis - VM4 Thorax

      NM1 Integrative Approach to Trauma

      NM2 Peripheral Nerve Manipulation Upper Body

      NM3 Peripheral Nerve Manipulation Lower Body

      NM4 Cranial Nerve Manipulation

      VVMU Visceral Vascular Manipulation Upper Body

      VVML Visceral Vascular Lower Body

      I maintain a private practice in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When treating patients I use chiropractic and osteopathic manual techniques including advanced visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, global joint manipulation and cranial osteopathy. In my desire to enhance my education and skills I began teaching for the Barral Institute in 2002. I have had the opportunity to lecture throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa.
Dr. Lisa Brady Grant

My Skills
Postgraduate Education Exposure to the following practitioners strongly influenced my development:

• George Goodheart, DC

• Walter Schmidt, DC

• Sheldon Deal, DC

• Ray Zindler, DC

• Thomas Rogowsky, DC

• Richard Van Rumpt, DC

• Marc Pick, DC

• Mel Reese, DC

• James Cima, DC

• Loren Rex, DO

• Viola Frymann, DO

• John Upledger, DO

• Alain Croibier, DO

•Jean-Pierre Barral, DO


Awards and Honors

2005 - Outstanding work and service in developing the Visceral Manipulation curriculum

2007- present - Diplomat Examiner for Visceral Manipulation Curriculum

2008 - present - Mentoring junior teachers for Visceral and Neural Curriculum

Personal Interests

I draw on a wealth of experience from a lifelong interest in movement and the healing process. I have a strong background in partner dance, from 2000-2013; my husband and I danced competitively with the United Country Western Dance Council. In 2008 we won the world championship.

Articles & Books Written
Coauthored Study Guides for Barral Institute Classes: Visceral Manipulation 1, 2 and 4 Neural Manipulation 4

Dr. Lisa Brady Grant

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