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Jeanne graduated from Western Michigan University with a BS in Occupational Therapy.

Jeanne has trained with Upledger through the advanced level, including the pediatric, meridian unwinding,  the conception, pregnancy and delivery courses, and Talking to the Brain I and II.

 She most recently attended the virtual course on CranioSacral Therapy for Infants with Special Circumstances.  She has also trained with Dr. Alison Hazelbaker on the assessment and treatment of tongue tie.

She has enjoyed using Craniosacral Therapy as it is an effective mode of treatment to release physical and emotional restrictions.

She also trained in myofascial release with John Barnes, which she finds to be an effective adjunct to craniosacral therapy. 

As an occupational therapist, she has extensive experience in sensory integration,  hand therapy, ergonomics and body mechanics. These skills come in handy in providing home programs and instruction in safer ways of doing things to maintain gains realized with treatment.

She has also attended numerous conferences and trainings in the use of essential oils.These oils are also beneficial in optimizing function and another effective tool for healing.

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Jeanne has been using craniosacral therapy(CST) along with traditional occupational therapy for 20+ years, and has been thrilled with the results that can be achieved with this gentle hands on approach. CST releases restrictions that interfere with optimal function, be it a physical or emotional issue.

Her experience in the use of myofascial release is an effective treatment that works well with CST to release soft tissue restrictions interfering with optimal function.

Her background in OT enables her to instruct clients in additional information and home programs.

Infants: immediate results can be seen with newborns with a variety of issues, including problems with nursing/latching, torticollis(twisted neck) colic, restricted movement of limbs and trunk, bowel problems, difficulty calming, &/or appearance of pain/discomfort.

She agrees with Dr. Upledger that it would be wonderful if all newborns could be seen! Its amazing to watch them unwind!

Parents of infants are instructed in general development, sensory integration, and the importance of tummy time. 

Children: Children can benefit from treatment for a variety of issues, including sensory integration dysfunction, ADHD, autism spectrum, apraxia, difficulty with sleep, picky eaters, anxiety &/or emotional modulation issues.

Parents are shown home programs for optimal gains.

Adults: Craniosacral therapy benefits adults for many reasons, including: back and neck issues, cumulative trauma, depression/anxiety, brain injury, TMJ dysfunction, emotional issues, pain, difficulty with sleep, headaches/migraines,and hypertension

In addition to CST, adults may be instructed in stress management and relaxation, stretches and exercises, to maintain gains.

Jeanne is also trained in the use of therapeutic essential oils, which are a perfect adjunct to this natural way of healing. The treatment and oils work synergistically to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit.

Jeanne continues work in occupational therapy for those who do not have insurance coverage at hospital based centers. Most medical deferment and HSA's are accepted.

She enjoys combining her skills as an occuptional therapist with her training in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and use of essential oils to factilitate optimal health.

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Author of Why Am I Different: A guide for children with sensory issues

This book was written for children with sensory issues to help them understand why they may struggle with learning, or touch, or sounds,etc.  It also helps their parents and other adults in their life understand why they do what they do.  There are also excellent references for parents and teachers.

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Licensed in the state of Ohio; ; Medallion Member, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners; Teaching Assistant for CST

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Hours by appointment
Medical deferment monies, HSA's, and credit cards are accepted.

Though now living in Michigan, I am still in the Bowling Green arrea 1-2 days/wk

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N/A.  Visits primarily in the home.

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Case studies, easy to understand explanations about the CranioSacral System, Visceral Manipulation, products to use between sessions, and much more.

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