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LMT #11510, I am a seasoned Teaching Assistant with Upledger Institute. CranioSacral and Lymph Drainage is gentle yet precise and effective for structural impact cellular trauma such as(MVA) Motor Vehicle Accidents, Horse falls, Accidents with impacts, Personal Injuries at work -- I bill insurance with Chiropractic or MD Prescription for Cranial/Head Impact, Concussion, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Whole Body Pain and Inflammation, Headaches, Edema, Swelling, Joint Pain and Stiffness, Inflexibility, Inability to work or do normal activities of daily living. Emotional trauma can get stuck in cellular memory for a lifetime being stuck in flight/flight/fright mode not allowing full healing. I mix and match CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Myofascial Release along with Visceral Manipulation Therapy. Visceral Manipulation works on the abdominal muscles and organ structures like, stomach, diaphragm, intestines, elimination and digestive areas or problems from pregnancy or delivery. CranioSacral Therapy in addition, is for headaches, stiff neck, insomnia, jaw, face, back, arms, legs, abdomen, internal organ pains and inflammation from any stress or trauma, chest pains from trauma and inflammation, life stress, nervous system distress, amped-up hyper-vigilant emotions from PTSD. Tissue adhesions, stored environmental toxins, tensions. Inflammatory reactions to mold, lyme, microbes that chronically create background tensions can relax and find relief with CranioSacral along with Lymph Drainage. Inflammation routinely settles down allowing your nervous system to reboot, detox and give you a needed sense of respite and encouragement of living more normally again. Lymph drainage alone or with CranioSacral, can help open up the tissues in the cranium for more fluid, tension and toxin release, which can decrease head pressure and discomfort. A stronger and unimpeded lymph flow creates more body integration and has been proven to heighten immunity and communication channels for cellular healing and response. Pregnancies and post delivery for mom and baby make the experience less stressful with CranioSacral, Lymph Drainage and gentle Myofascial Release together. CranioSacral relaxes a tight abdomen and pelvic attachments allowing more breathing space, better digestion, elimination and ability for baby to turn around. I do CranioSacral for newborns in the mom's arms to help mom and baby. FOR SUPPLEMENTAL CELLULAR REPAIR, I offer a bio-replenishment called ASEA, redox signaling molecular drink and RENU 28, skin/joint/muscle redox repair gel for adults, children, infants and elderly. Innate to our own body, our own mitochondria makes redox signaling molecules but makes 10% less every 10 years. ASEA is something our body recognizes as innate, "of us" not interfering with medicines, supplements or protocols. ASEA is 100% FDA safe "GRAS." ASEA is my biggest "other" tool. See: reoxsignalingmolecule.com ... http://www.bioagilytix.com/biomarkers/reactive-oxygen/ ... I believe we are all creative expressions of God and deserve a wholly working mind and body for a full purpose-driven life.

MY CLIENTS' PERSPECTIVE: "I had years of headaches, impulsive neck popping, saw chiropractors and massage therapists, all with no relief. I developed a monstrous migraine with nauseous pain. Could not think, drive nor sleep. Janette's talent and experienced hands deeply relaxed me. I easily accessed an inner place of "floating in water," going in and out of deep sleep, and "saw" inside my body, watching tissues give way with subtle "creaks" to this gentle prompting. I now gratefully get full relief from head and eye pain through Janette's skill and exquisite and unique technique. I finally really "got" CranioSacral work and experienced my body in a new way." Valerie Lescantz, LMP Lake Forest Park, WA

"For seven years, I've had three painful hammer toes and couldn't walk barefoot and only wore clunky orthopedics. Surgery was scheduled in a month and within that month of Janette's pressure point work, my toes became straighter, they could stretch, I got out of pain, and I could wear normal, open-toed shoes!" Donna Klein, Kirkland, WA

"Thank you for the impact that the CranioSacral Therapy has had to my health. Since childhood I've suffered from migraines and TMJ, ruining school trips, special events and project deadlines. Every month I had "bad" days debilitating to the point of not functioning. Failed remedies were Rx drugs, supplements, massage, diet and psychotherapy. Although skeptical at first, I'm happy to report after just two sessions over three months ago, I am free of migraines adding days to my life." Emmett Ahearn, Clifton, VA

"My body had swollen up severely with edema from a tick bite. I could barely walk or climb stairs as the pain in my knees was unbearable. After my first 2 hour lymph drainage session, I lost 1 pound of water and could bend my knees without pain. The next week, after a salty dinner, my legs swelled up again. After that second 2 hour session, I lost 3 pounds of water, and again, my knees reduced in size and the pain subsided. Janette's ability and depth of knowledge, are very effective in clearing out large pools of water retention. Janette's ASEA redox signaling molecular drink is also helping me think clearer and detox all the toxins in my body." Eleanor Tutein, Rockport, MA

"Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and opted for bilateral mastectomy with tissue expander reconstruction, a sentinel node biopsy was done at the same time. Two lymph nodes were removed on my right and soon after surgery a heaviness and aching resulted from my right hand up into my arm pit. October 2010, I decided to do Janette's lymph drainage therapy. I was amazed after one treatment that the aching heaviness left my arm. With each session, miraculously, new sensations are being experienced in my reconstructed breasts and overall integration." Rhonda Gee, Portland, OR

"I could not bend over, or put either leg over the other to tie my shoes. I was overweight and my legs, feet, neck, entire back and abdomen were in 24/7 pain due to past internal and external injuries, surgeries and broken bones after a 4-story building fall 40 years ago. Through CranioSacral and Visceral Manipulation, I can now bend and tie my shoes easily, digestion is better, I am thinking clearer, have more energy, my blood sugar issues are getting better, and I have a more positive outlook on my future, due to Janette's skills and the ASEA redox molecules she has me on." Jeff Candreva, Reno, NV

Janette Warren, LMT

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I found Iona Marsaa Teagarden, founder and personal therapist of Jin Shin Do Acupressure in 1978. I straddled legal office work while attending massage school in California. I studied Myofascial Release and Trigger Point with Drs. Janet Travell and Simons. I studied Advanced Polarity Therapy in the early 80's with Nancy Risley in Ipswich, MA at spatech.edu. I finished my nursing pre-requisites, and was accepted into nursing school. I had a horse fall, and spent years recovering. I found CranioSacral in early 2000s, later adding Lymph Drainage. I combine pressure point therapies I learned over the years, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Myofascial Release Trigger Point, along with all my Upledger training. Visceral Manipulation for abdominal organ strain, tension and scarring that utilizes myofascial release and gentle, precise stretching and gentle pressure points to release bound up or adhesive tissues in the stomach, intestines, liver, diaphragm, resulting in better assimilation, digestion, less pain allowing more motility, mobility and functioning. I mix and match my tools. I discovered gentle sustained pressure point onto bone to soften the bits of collagen that eventually can stretch and dissipates stress. Positional Tissue Release which aligns chronic lines of tension from joint to joint -- a gentle sustained Pressure Point and Stretch exactly along bound-up acute or chronic lines where the tension has developed.

1980, I worked at The International Sportsmedicine Institute in Los Angeles, with Wilt Chamberlain and Leroy Perry, DC. Sports massage is no longer something I do, but recommend the RENU28 redox gel and drinking ASEA to help very deep recover issue - see athleteedge.com. I was the CranioSacral and Lymph Drainage Therapist at the Comprehensive Medical Center in Kirkland, WA with lyme disease and neurological specialist, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in 2006-7. ASEA redox signaling molecule drink and RENU28 gel helps me help my clients recover any injuries or chronic inflammation fast. RENU28 topical gel penetrates 3" deep into neck, back, legs, feet, muscles anywhere, as well as joints and bones. RENU28 was designed for blemishes, "turkey necks," discolorations, abnormal textures and growths, sun-stressed skin and bug bites. See: renuvideo.com -- before and after pictures. ASEA is the perfect health adjunct with CranioSacral, Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation.

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By connecting to, and asking for permission, thousands of protector bees cleared an opening allowing me to walk, lay on a heat drenched boulder along with bzzzzzzz in high pitch all around me, and drink from their pristine spring water home turf near Upper Klamath Lake, OR during a Blue Green Algae retreat: "Angel Animals, Exploring Our Spiritual Connection with Animals" by Plume Publishers AND a SECOND amazing story in another ANGEL ANIMALS BOOK:

So engrossed, I could not put Deepok Chopra's book on Merlin down, so while driving, it was in the middle of my steering wheel. I had a personal encounter in my car with a wild falcon while reading the exact chapter in Deepok Chopra's book on Merlin's abilities to change into a falcon at will: "God's Messengers, What Animals Teach Us About the Divine" by New World Library. www.angelanimals.org

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TEACHING ASSISTANT for Upledger CranioSacral I, II, Lymphatic Drainage I, II; Upledger's International Association of Healthcare Practitioners;


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Janette Warren, LMT

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