CranioSacral Therapy

About Me

I am a licensed massage therapist with an office in Blue Ash, Ohio--a northern suburb of Cincinnati. My clients are adults and children who are seeking relief and relaxation with CranioSacral Therapy.

CranioSacral Therapy, as developed and taught by the Upledger Institute, is a gentle, light-touch manual therapy. It is performed with you lying fully-clothed on a comfortable massage table in a private room with soothing, relaxing music. As a CranioSacral Therapy practitioner, I work with your body's self-correcting mechanisms to release restrictions and to relieve pressure in the CranioSacral System--which maintains the health of the central nervous system.

CranioSacral Therapy has been shown to alleviate: migraines/headaches, stress/tension, sinus problems, neck and back pain, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, emotional difficulties, learning difficulties--plus many other conditions.

In addition to CranioSacral Therapy, I may utilize Lymph Drainage Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Unwinding Meridians, Holographic Memory Resolution, Healing Touch and Reiki in my sessions. I am also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists.

For a free, 15-minute consultation, give me a call at (513) 309-2951.

What clients have said about CranioSacral sessions:
I have severe scoliosis and have tried a variety of massage techniques with little success. CranioSacral Therapy with Anita has been nothing short of miraculous in providing me with sustained pain relief. I even feel inches taller after a session. - Ann C.
With regular CranioSacral treatment, I have found relief from chronic migraines. - Donna H.
As a survivor of childhood abuse, I've realized that my body remembers the abuse, sometimes more than my mind. CranioSacral Therapy and energy work with Anita have helped me to release these memories and to heal. - Jackie B
It is so wonderful to feel the lasting healing effects of this light touch therapy on my body, soul, and emotions--not just from treating symptoms, but also the source of those symptoms. - Wendy S.
Each session takes me on a journey...where time does not exist. All my senses seem heightened after a session. It is a perfectly healthy alternative for an "energy drink." It feels as though my mind received a massage, not just my body. - Jamee J.
My experience of a CranioSacral session with Anita was supreme: Through her intuitive approach Anita guided me to a space within me, which was a joy to experience: timeless, with colors, shapes and forms, a state of heightened awareness. The peacefulness after the session lasted for several days and is still ongoing.... - Doris Molitor, CH CYT, Tri-State Hypnosis Center, Cincinnati.
Anita has been a healing catalyst for body, mind and spirit for many years now. Each session brings me to a new level of pain relief and health. I'm always impressed with her vast training, skill, intuition and continual education in the healing arts. My experience in Hypnotherapy and Craniosacral therapy sessions with Anita relax me to such a peaceful state of being that all my tension releases and unwinds as the pain disappears. She has gently helped me to shed a lifetime of old junk that had to go before I could move forward. - Sue Chapman, R.N., CST

My Skills

Upledger Institute: Advanced I & II CranioSacral Therapy; CranioSacral Therapy Level I, II; CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics I & II; SomatoEmotional Release Levels I, II; SomatoEmotional Release Technique: Mastering the Inner Physician; Teaching Assistant for CranioSacral Therapy Levels I & II and SomatoEmotional Release Levels I & II; CranioSacral Therapy Technique Certification Preparation; Advanced I Lymph Drainage Therapy; Lymph Drainage I, II, III; Teaching Assistant: Lymph Drainage I; Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & Autonomic Nervous System; Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & Reticular Alarm System; Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & Peripheral Nervous System; Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Cranial Nerves & Ganglia; The Brain Speaks; Healing from the Core: Grounding & Healthy Boundaries; Beyond the Dura 2008; Unwinding Meridians I, II,& III
Barral Institute:Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen I; Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen II
Other Training: Healing Touch, Levels I, IIA, IIB; Healing Touch for Babies; Usui System of Natural Healing: Reiki I, II, Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master; Traditional Japanese Reiki, First and Second Degrees; From Both Sides of the Table: Managing Fibromyalgia; Integrative Myoneural Therapy: Cervical & Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction; Energy Medicine: The New Paradigm with Rosalyn L. Bruyere; Kundalini Awakening Intensive with Susan Carlson; Awakening Healing Light with Robert Peng; Internal Family Systems Introductory Workshop with Richard Schwartz; Healing Trauma in Bodymind & Spirit with Brent Baum; Holographic Memory Resolution, Levels I, II & III with Brent Baum

Professional Associations / Memberships

  • The State of Ohio State Medical Board, Limited Practitioner's Certificate Number 9747
  • North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapies Licensed Massage and Bodywork, License Number 6245
  • National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, National Certification Number 290055-00
  • International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, Medallion Member
  • American CranioSacral Association
  • National Guild of Hypnotists