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About Me

Somatic trauma release, Pre and Peri Natal Psychology, and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy have been my primary professional focus since 1999. I have studied many healing modalities over the past 36 years but somatic developmental trauma release and biodynamic craniosacral therapy and their ability to facilitate healing of developmental trauma, somatic trauma, stress-related illness, and imbalances of all kinds, has offered the most profound and effective healing I have ever encountered.

Currently, I am offering Womb Surrounds and have a private practice in Redwood City, CA, working with infants, children and adults of all ages on a broad range of issues including somatic and developmental trauma, somato-emotional release,  birth trauma, breastfeeding difficulties, pre and peri natal imprint healing, acute and chronic pain of any kind, chronic stress, migraine, TMJ dysfunction, post traumatic stress disorder, autoimmune disorders, anxiety and depression, learning disabilities, autism and asperger syndromes, recovery from surgery, cancer, fractures, sprains, scoliosis, heavy metal toxicity, and many more.

Somatic trauma healing and the resolution of early difficult imprints from conception through gestation, birth and the post natal period are a primary focus of my work. Through attachment theory, pre and peri natal psychology, somatic research and interpersonal neurobiology, we now know that it is possible to heal even very early imprints that may still be profoundly influencing the health of our adult relationships, our physical and emotional well being, and may keep us from fully realizing our own life purpose. I have found that understanding this period of time is crucial for working therapeutically with people of all ages, including infants, children, families and adults. 

I offer individual sessions, either in person or via zoom, to work with somatic healing of early trauma. 

I also offer Womb Surrounds or Birthing Yourself Process Workshops (developed by Ray Castellino and expanded on by Myrna Martin). These are very safe and gentle small group experiences set up in a particular format and guided by principles of safety in which participants set an intention of healing for themselves, and with skilled facilitation and the support of the group members are gently able to release difficult imprints. Speaking from my own personal experience as a participant, I can say that these experiences can be opportunities for surprising transformation and healing.

Upcoming Womb Surrounds: Please email me at for registration information and assistance

Jan 2-3, 2020 at my Redwood City office...I will facilitate a 2 person Womb Surround with the highly skilled assistance of Mia Nomoto. Sliding scale $150-$650.

Jan 16-18, 2020 at my Redwood City office...I will facilitate a 4 person Womb Surround with Mia Nomoto assisting. Sliding scale $150-$650.

"Participating in a process workshop is a rare opportunity to be in a safe circle with loving companions, all working towards re-claiming the health in our system. There is no safer or supportive place to do one’s personal work."  Betsy H., retired sales director

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy, or BCST
, is my other primary professional modality. BCST is such a powerful healing modality because it helps people access their internal intelligence and health in order to find balance and healing from within at a very deep core level. It has the capacity to go beyond a focus on symptoms and health maintenance to find a resonance with our fundamental ability to heal from within. It utilizes the potency and intelligence of our own life force that is present throughout our lifetime, from conception to end of life. The therapy itself is very gentle, using hands-on touch to help the client "drop" into very relaxed physiological states that support our underlying health to accelerate the process of self-correction at the root level. Because of its gentleness and its activation of healing potencies within the body, it can be appropriate and effective for a very wide range of issues.

My Skills

My training began in psychology, with a BA and a Masters in counseling psychology. I then transitioned into bodywork of various kinds, including acupressure, massage, Jin Shin Do, infant massage, Reiki and various other bodywork techniques. Biodynamic craniosacral therapy, somatic trauma release work and pre and peri natal education have enabled me to effectively blend my psychological studies with my bodywork skills into a wholistic therapeutic modality I enjoy because of its gentleness, sensitivity and, most especially, its effectiveness in significantly helping people heal.

I am currently a Teaching Assistant in a 2 year Pre and Peri Natal Psychology Training in Santa Cruz, CA, and have completed a 3 year professional training program in Advanced Pre and Peri Natal Psychology (PPN) with Myrna Martin and the Health Wave Institute. I have also served as a Teaching Assistant in numerous Womb Surrounds with Myrna Martin and others.

I will be co-teaching an upcoming Pre and Peri Natal Psychology Training in Northhampton, Mass with Myrna Martin, Elsa Asher and Eileen Sendrey beginning in Oct. 2020.

I am a Techniques Certified CranioSacral Therapist with The Upledger Institute and have completed 3 2.5 year training programs, one as a Teaching Assistant, at The Pacific Institute for Biodynamic Integration, and one as a Teacher in Training with Robyn Michelle Jones, the current Board President of the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America. I am a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, and have recently completed the requirements for becoming an Approved Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Teacher with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America. 

Teaching Craniosacral therapy has been a major component of my work. For two years, I taught a three month course on the fundamentals of Craniosacral therapy for the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto. I have also offered one and 2 day Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy classes through the Upledger Institute, the Body Therapy Center and The Healing Arts Institute as well as serving as a Teaching Assistant for a number of the Upledger Institute's Craniosacral Therapy courses. 

Articles & Books Written

Professional Associations / Memberships

American Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Health and Psychology, American CranioSacral Therapy Association, Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners