I am known as a Doctor of Natural Medicine in the state of Montana.

Moved into my new location in October of 2022

I attended the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine earned a dual doctorates in BioEnergetic Medicine and Auricular Therapy. 

I have been to Asyra Navigator Training for advance biofeedback skills and understanding. As well as the Asyra/Qest4 Thinktank in 2016.

Currently as far as I know the only Auricular therapist certified through Auriculotherapy Certification Institute in the state of Montana.

Have designed and implemented a successful PTSD protocol using Cranial and Auricular Therapies.

Trained in basic and intermediate cranial sacral at the IBEM college.

Have currently been to 5 Classes from Upledger institute and planning to do More!!!

Opened my business in 2010 in Billings. Montana.

President of the Alumni Association at IBEM.

My Skills

Doctorates in both Auricular Therapy and BioEnergetic Medicine
Use the Asyra biofeedback machine, DioDens, auricular devices and natural modalities to get things to help the body heal itself.
We are currently implementing the world's most advanced technologies to effectively work with over 200 health conditions that affect our bodies. By using alternative and holistic modalities, we can do this naturally.
Only certified Auricular therapist in the State of Montana. Through the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute http://www.auriculotherapy.org/

Attended CST1 and CST2  with Dick Larson and LOVED the 10 steps
Attended CST2 and CSLRAP  with Michael Morgan and Wow!!
Attended SER1 with Avadhan Larson and she is an Amazing Instructor

Professional Associations / Memberships

American Naturopathic Medical Association
Auriculotherapy Institute
IBEM College in Centennial Colorado

1629 Avenue D
Building C Suite C-1
Billings, Montana 59102-3042
United States

tel. 4062818200 (day)


Hours of operation / Fees

Prices for Cranial:

1.5 hours    $105.00

1.0 hour      $80.00

Prices for Biofeedback:

New patient visit adult      $300.00   (this includes 4 bottles of remedies, 2 office visits and one bag.

Auricular visits:       $78.00

We can help with allergies, Anxiety, PTSD, Hormones and alot of other extreme issues.

Available for patients

Case studies, easy to understand explanations about the CranioSacral System, Visceral Manipulation, products to use between sessions, and much more. More information