Tanja  Seagraves B.Msc., CMT, CST, DOMP

Tanja Seagraves


CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral/Vascular and Neural Manipulation, Lymph and Brain Therapy proved the most effective techniques for restoring health, without causing side effects or using painful, invasive treatments. Like my own health and quality of life, I see how vastly improved my clients have become as a result of our work together. As a Massage Therapist and Alumni of the Upledger, Barral and Chikly Health Institute, I proudly practice several life changing modalities. I love my work. More importantly, I can make a difference using my experience to create positive results.

I came to this work as a patient. A series of medical mishaps shaped me into the committed practitioner I am today. Born with a fetal mal-position followed by one error treatment after another, a botched appendectomy as a teen, and extreme stress levels in corporate Germany from my early 20s well into my 30s. In hindsight, orthopedists and general doctors revealed a key weakness in western medicine by treating symptoms rather than finding the cause. Unable to locate the source of my illnesses, specialists began to think I was a hypochondriac and needed psychiatric help. I refused to give up, but for two years, I struggled to find answers.

I believed in holistic medicine/modalities because something had to work. I was so sick, my body had allergic reactions/food sensitivities down to the water I drank. My immune system was breaking down and doctors were powerless to stop it, suggesting morphine for pain management. I laid on my couch in poor health, almost paralyzed from musculoskeletal/visceral dysfunction, depleted and near death at age 34.

Out of options, in 2004 I was "lucky" that my physical therapist went on vacation and referred me to her boss who is an Osteopath from the Netherlands. From this moment I explored Osteopathic Methods very deeply. 3 years later I accepted the help of a Healer from a remote Asian country who saved my life. Recovering and equipped with newly acquired knowledge, but in need of a complete change two years later, I moved to Southern California. 

Today, I am living proof of the regenerative powers within the body. Self-discipline, the will to get well, the courage to choose alternative medicine, and at times, acceptance of little known modalities helped me get in the best shape ever.

Please also visit: www.LACranioSacral.com and www.gentleosteo.com

L.A. CranioSacral

License Number

CA State CMT # 42019

Contact Information

Thousand Oaks, 91360

tel. 310.490.2929 (cell) (day)
tel. 310.490.2929 (evening)


Hours of operation / Fees

Tuesday - Friday: 9.30am - 5.30pm; by appointment only

Fee: please call/text/email www.LACranioSacral.com or www.gentleosteo.com

Monday, Thursday and some Saturdays at HappyKidsDentalPlanet, Agoura Hills

Driving directions

Ventura County: Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Agoura Hills: Please contact www.happykidsdentalplanet.com, patients only



Upledger Institute certified CranioSacral Therapist; UI Certified Teaching Assistant;

California State Certified Massage Therapist (Swedish, Pregnancy, CranioSacralTherapy, Myofascial Release)

Advanced Training in Osteopathic Manual Therapies CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release, Neural and Visceral Manipulation, Lymph Drainage Therapy and Brain with Upledger, Barral and Chikly Institute

Completed training in OsteoDouce, Jacky Roux method, Osteopath from the French Alps.

Diploma in Manual Osteopathy (DOMP).

In 2016 I joined Dr.Sami and her team at HappyKidsDentalPlanet in Agoura Hills, providing CranioSacral/Manual Osteopathic Therapies. I treat patients (newborns to young adults) pre/post and during frenectomies, children with orthodontic appliances (ALF etc), children with special needs, sensory integration issues etc.

Accredited Infant Massage Instructor, Childbirth Doula

REIKI Master Teacher, Volunteer Counselor on the Hotline for Victims of Domestic Violence ; Bachelor in Metaphysical Sciences

I have worked with: - Babies, Toddlers - Pre, post and during frenectomy Lip/Tongue Ties in babies, children, and adults - Vaccine and toxicity injuries/allergies -  Pregnant Women - Children with ADHD, TS (Tourette Syndrome) - Cerebral Palsy and other TBI's - Spinal Cord Injuries - Bulging Disks - Frozen Shoulder - Seizure - Dyslexia - Elder in Nursing Home/Hospice - Infertility - Whiplash Injuries - Depression - Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Seizures - Cervical Dystonia - Post Hip Surgery - Injuries from Car Accident - Scoliosis - Autoimmune Disorders (MCS/CFS/EMF sensitivity) - Concussions - Neck and Headaches - Migraines - Brain and Head Injuries - Chronic Pain - Fibromyalgia - Cardiac Arrhythmia - Post Cancer Surgery - diseases and disorders of the Musculoskeletal System - and more...

Training completed:

NEW: Ask me about OsteoDouce, energetic osteopathy

Upledger Institute:

CS1 – CranioSacral Therapy 1; CS2 – CranioSacral Therapy 2; SER1 – SomatoEmotional Release 1; SER2 – SomatoEmotional Release 2; ADV1 – Advanced CranioSacral 1; ADV2 - Advanced CranioSacral 2; 

CSIR – CranioSacral Therapy and the Immune Response; CSP1 – CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics 1; CCPB1 - CranioSacral Therapy for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth 1; CCPB2 - CranioSacral Applications for Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing 2; CTTB1 - CranioSacral Therapy Touching the Brain 1: Stimulating Self-Correction Through the Glial Interface; CSWCD - CST and working with Chronic Depletion; TBS1 – The Brain Speaks 1; TBS2 – The Brain Speaks 2; ESSA1 - CranioSacral Therapy: EcoSomatics Small Animals 1;

Barral Institute:

NM1 – Neuromeningeal Manipulation, an Integrative Approach to Trauma; 
NM2 – Peripheral Nerve Manipulation, Upper Body; 
NM3 – Peripheral Nerve Manipulation, Lower Body; 
NM4 – Brain and Cranial Nerve Manipulation

VM1 – Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1; 
VM2 – Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 2;
VM3 – Visceral Manipulation: Pelvis and Uropelvic System;
VM4 – Visceral Manipulation: The Thorax; 
VM5 - Visceral Manipulation: Manual Thermal Evaluation; 
VM6 - Viscera Emotional Relationships

VVML - VisceroVascular Manipulation, Lower Body 
VVMU - VisceroVascular Manipulation, Upper Body

Chikly Institute:

Brain 1 - Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & Autonomic Nervous System; 
Brain 2 - Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & RAS - Fluid Dynamics and Fascia Release of the CNS; Brain 3 - Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & Peripheral Nervous System; 
Brain 4 - Brain Tissue, Cranial Nerve Nuclei & Ganglion

BR - Brain Therapy for Neonatal Reflexes & General Reflexes in Adults and Children; 
BEMC - Brain, Eyes, Meninges and CSF; 
BMTA - Brain, Bone Marrow, Toxicity & Allergy;

LDT1 – Lymph Drainage Therapy 1

Professional Associations / Memberships

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP)

National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (NACAMS #38986)

CACMT #42019

Available for patients

Case studies, easy to understand explanations about the CranioSacral System, Visceral Manipulation, products to use between sessions, and much more.

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