Sandra m Roy RMT, CST, CLT

About Me

Thank you for clicking on to my site!

I have been in the healing arts for approximately 20 years. My credentials are RMT (2200 hrs), Cranio-Sacral Techniques Certified, Certified Lymphedema therapist, and I have completed Chiklys Lymphatic drainage curriculum, Papered Doula, Reiki etc. I am also in the process of completing the certified teacher’s assistant program for the Upledger Institute.

My strengths are in treating people who have trauma or are survivors of trauma as well as transitions encompassing conception, pregnancy, birthing, and end of life. I also treat clients for chronic pain, depression, eating disorders, brain injuries etc.

Preventative maintenance and education are also a priority in my work. Our bodies’ know how to heal; however, many times there are emotional components that hinder the body’s progression to healing. Once there is a negotiation between the body and the mind the healing is miraculous. There is an inner-physician within all of us. I am honoured to assist people on their healing journey through the use of all the modalities that I have studied. I am grateful to help people achieve wellness.

My Skills

I have earned Canio Sacral Diplomate Certification.  Also earned Certified Lymphedema Therapist and presently on a Master Therapist Program called Long Distance Healing Facilitation, by Healing from the Core.  I work under my RMTA licence.