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About Me

Rosemary Gwin is the sole proprietor of Timeless-Elegance Spa Center, LLC. Established in 1991. From her knowledge and expertise in holistic healing, she has provided years of professionalism and dedication in seeing that her clients receive an ambiance of the Quality of Life. Which in turn enhances their inner well-being. Knowing that the inner self is the core of ones self-worth. She has helped many turn their inner light on and see the end of that proverbial dark tunnel that was invading their sense of self-worth.

Along with over 30 years of holistic pampering of the mind, body and spirit. Rosemary has completed the highest level of Lymphedema Training available. This is 19 years of experience in Lymphatic Drainage. Which is the science of detecting the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow, anywhere in the body. Using manual manipulation with her hands, she determines the best alternate pathways for draining body fluid stagnations. Rosemary is one of the few individuals in the Dallas area and the only Esthetician worldwide to complete these programs at the highest level before becoming a Massage Therapist.

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My Skills

LDA1-Advanced Lymph Drainage Therapy.
LCDP2-Lyphedema/Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDP), Certified Level II.
LLCC-LTD Lymphedema/CDP Certification Level I, which combines bandaging coursework with lymphedema certification through The Upledger Institute Lymph Drainage curriculum.
Licensed Massage Therapist Instructor TDSHS Approved CE Provider-CE1975 LTCOP-Lymph Drainage Therapy.
TLDT1-Teaching assistant for Lymph Drainage Therapy I.
TLDT2-Teaching assistant for Lymph Drainage Therapy II.
LDT1 Lymph Drainage Therapy I.
LDT2-Lymph Drainage Therapy II.
LDT3-Lymph Drainage Therapy III.
Lymph Drainage Therapy CPT.
Licensed Massage Therapist (#MT105446).
Licensed Esthetician (#1033932).
Advanced Holistic Skin Care.
Training of Jade Stone Facial Training of Herbal Poultice Advanced Facial Massage Facial Massage Technique.
Classes in Body Treatment and Skin Care (Austria).
Methodology & Product Knowledge.
Ingredient Technology.
Extensive training in eastern medicine (Beijing, China).
Energetic Work. Reiki Master. Chakra Tuning.

Articles & Books Written

Professional Associations / Memberships

ABMP, Novalt, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, National Lyphedema Network

Available for patients

Case studies, easy to understand explanations about the CranioSacral System, Visceral Manipulation, products to use between sessions, and much more.

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