Nadia E Felix


Nadia E. Felix RPT, Psy, CST-D has graduated in 1970 as B.S Registered Physical Therapist and in 1979 as B.S. Registered Psychologist, from Buenos Aires University (UBA). She is a Regular Professor at the Physical Therapist School of Buenos Aires University. Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy She started attending classes at the Upledger Institute in 1992. Nowadays she is a Study Group Leader, CranioSacral Certified Therapist, CS1 and CS2 Instructor and Satellite of UI at Argentina. She is also part of the Barral Institute Staff as TA of VM1-VM4, teacher of Intro to VM (1Day).

Contact Information

Cabello 3668 1° A
Av. Alvarez Thomas 1131 6° D
CABA, Buenos Aires 1425

tel. 0054 11 4803-0241 (day)
tel. 0054 9 11 6355 5627 (evening)



She treat clients using the techniques taught by The Upledger & Barral Institute including CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral & Neural Manipulation. Treats a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological dysfunction in children and adults. Languages: English, Spanish

Professional Associations / Memberships

Member of the Argentinian Physical Therapy Association