Monica Tweet, Physical Therapy

About Me

I am a physical therapist licensed within the state of Oregon. I graduated in 1994 from the University of New Mexico Physical Therapy Program in Albuquerque. With over 26 years of experience I have been responsible for the evaluation, treatment, and plan of care for babies, children, and adults. I also have experience designing and instructing dance, fitness, and therapeutic exercise programs for typical and special populations.  I uphold the Osteopathic principles that the body is self-healing, self-correcting, and that form and function are intimately related. Knowing that body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected and influence the health of our entire being, I continually strive to restore and facilitate this interconnection by utilizing and applying treatment techniques that support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being of each client.  Treatment plans are individualized for every client. 

My Skills

As well as being Craniosacral Diplomate Certified, I also hold a board certification in Jones Strain Counterstrain Technique. I have earned a Master Level Reiki Practitioner/Instructor Certification. As a Physical Therapist I provide modalities including: Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Ultrasound. I can assist you with developing a therapeutic exercise program tailored to meet your body's needs. I also utilize soft tissue mobilization techniques and gentle muscle energy techniques as appropriate. In November of 2022, I completed my 4 year certificate program in Dream Tending and now serve as a Mentor of the Academy of Imaginal Arts and Sciences for Dream Tending programs. I teach group courses in dream tending skills and methods, and offer individual Dream Tending sessions. 

Professional Associations / Memberships