Matías Chahab is an Osteopath in Madrid, (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mexico City (México).  He has a private practice since 2006. Behind a deep anatomical knowledge, there’s a gentle and accurate therapy that contributes to the global wellness of the patient, on a physical, chemical and spiritual level.

Matias participated and organized anatomical dissections at the University “René Descartes” of Paris for 7 years. This practice helps the knowledge of normal and pathological anatomy to understand the physical and chemical working of the human body.

Director of Barral Institute Argentina, Barral Institute México, Barral Institute Chile, Barral Institute Ecuador and Barral Institute Perú

Moreover, Matías Chahab is a International Teacher of Barral Institute team  around the world, for Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Listening Techniques and Somato-Viscero-Emotional techniques.

Director and fundator of International Congress Fascial Connection, TBA Ediciones and International Osteopathic School TBA-IOS

Matias is interested in orthomolecular medicine, in PNEI (Psyco Neuro Endocrine Immunology) and Epigenetic Medicine.


Paseo de la Rotonda 26 Cancun, CAP 7753-

tel. +5491126964438 (day)


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