Mark  Bloemberg PT

Mark Bloemberg


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Contact Information

Wilgenlaan 39
Zwanenburg 1161 JK,

tel. +31.20497.4210 (day)

My Skills

Curriculum Vitae
  • 1984-1989 Physical Therapy Holland (SAFA, Amsterdam)
  • 1989-1993 Manual Therapy (same like Chiropractor)
  • Jan 1994 Start my own office in Zwanenburg
  • 1996 start with Cranio Sacral Therapy and Visceral Therapy
  • 2000 certified Visceral Therapist BI-D and certified Cranio Sacral Therapist CST-D
  • 2000 VM 1 teacher
  • 2004 written article in magazine for Manuel Therapy, Integration in the (visceral) fascial system
  • 2007 research done about abdominal adhesions with Prof Dr. Jekel, Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam,
  • 2008 certified Visceral teacher to aloud to examine Visceral exams
  • 13 June 2020 pass the exam to become an Osteopath

I teach 19 different Visceral Courses in Holland but also International.
  • VM 1-6
  • NM 1-4
  • LT 1
  • VVML and VVMU
  • Pediatrie course
  • ADV Courses: BICADD (disc’s), SCB (crossroads in the body)
  • I am assisting Jean-Pierre Barral exclusively within Brain 1 and Brain 2.
Educate and Teaching college’s to become Visceral teachers
Writing Workbooks for the ADV Courses from Jean Pierre Barral
Pediatrie VM self-developed visceral paediatric course
Private Practice Office in Zwanenburg the Netherlands for Osteopathy and Manual Visceral Therapy