I have called Colorado home for the past 30 years and have served the Metro Denver area in the health and wellness industry since 2001. It all started with a degree in Clinical Nutrition from Pepperdine University, and although I still very much enjoy a diet of healthy foods (and an occasional mint chocolate chip milkshake!), my professional path has led me to the mind/body work that is now my passion and calling. I received my certification in Massage Therapy from The Center of Advanced Therapeutics (Denver) and studied Reflexology at Colorado School of Healing Arts. After several years as a MT, I was introduced to The Upledger Institute, where both myself and my practice were forever changed. I fully believe in this integrative approach to health and healing known as CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release, which I utilize primarily in my practice today. Each day I get to  experience the joy and rewards of watching as my clients get in touch with their own innate capacity to heal, do "their work" and emerge a little more integrated and empowered! When not in my office, you might find me enjoying time with my family, hiking, rock climbing, traveling or spending time with friends.


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With in each of us resides the capacity for healing, an innate healing intelligence, if you will. We see this in simple ways each and every day, such as, recovering from a simple cold virus. We may take a little vitamin C or try and get some extra rest, but largely, our body does the work of healing completely on its own.

And so it is with the healing process in all areas of wellbeing. When things are going well for us (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.), and we experience an accident, injury or trauma, we have what we need to initiate and complete the healing process. We pay a little extra

attention to what we need, but overall,

our body seems to “bounce back” pretty quickly.

But sometimes, we aren’t so well resourced in our lives. Struggles with chronic stress (emotional, relational, environmental, etc.), acute or chronic illness, injury, or the heaviness of grief, can all impede our natural healing capacity. Over time, our system becomes overwhelmed, resulting in many of the “symptoms” of dis-ease that we deal with daily. This may show up in the form of physical restrictions, intestinal issues, emotional blocks, feeling stuck, chronic pain…the list goes on. It’s at these times we realize that “we need a little help here”! This is where the help of a well trained facilitator comes in. As a licensed and certified CST professional, I can offer the assistance your body needs in overcoming the obstacles it may be holding, that is impeding your health and vitality.

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, yet profound, form of body work which targets the central nervous system, allowing the body to relax at its very core. This in turn has a ripple effect on every other system in your body giving it the help it needs to identify and clear the roadblocks that are interfering with your capacity to heal. When this happens, you heal naturally: injuries get better, traumas

resolve, “stuck” emotions release, and

pain is alleviated.

 If this approach to healing resonates with you, I'd love to chat further.

Here's to a healthier future!

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