Karyn Quraishy


About Me

I was introduced to CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in 2002 when struggling to figure out how to best help my own son. I had worked in the field of pediatrics for 12 years prior to this as a physical therapist specializing in children with autism and sensory processing disorders. It was not until my son introduced me to CST did I find my true passion. I have come to acknowledge that the CranioSacral system plays an integral part in the child’s ability to achieve maximum potential. The success I had not only with my son but also with my pediatric patients encouraged me when I transitioned into the NICU. To this day I continue to use my CST skills with this most fragile population. Most physical therapists, rather then taking the time to discover the source of a problem causing the symptoms, will treat the symptoms. CST allows me to treat the whole body, discovering the primary cause of the problem, thereby, allowing the symptoms to disappear. I am blessed to find my calling and be able to practice these skills daily. When not working I love to spend time with my family. We enjoy hiking, traveling and spending time with our many pets.

My Skills

I have been a pediatric physical therapist for over 20 years and I have worked in a level III NICU in Southern California for over 9 years. I am SIPT and NDT certified in pediatrics, a diplomat certified CranioSacral Therapist, and I received the Neonatal Touch and Massage Certification. I have also earned the Developmental Care Specialist Designation from the National Association of Neonatal Nurses. I published a protocol for swaddle bathing as well as an article on Feeding in the NICU: a Perspective from a Craniosacral Therapist.  In 2019 we relocated from San Diego, CA to Rochester, NY.  I am now a consultant for Phillips teaching Preemie For a Day and an instructor for the Upledger Institute, teaching CST1, CCPB 1, and SICS.  In my spare time I am the owner of The Body Network, a private practice in Honeoye Falls, NY, dedicated to Craniosacral Therapy. 

Articles & Books Written

Publications: A Protocol for Swaddled Bathing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Karyn Quraishy, MSPT, CEMI, CST, Susan M. Bowles, DNP,RNC-NIC, James Moore, PhD, PT; NAINR. 2013;13(1):48-50.

Feeding in the NICU: A Perspective from a Craniosacral Therapist;                                                 Karyn Quraishy, MSPT, CEMI, CST-D; NN.2016; 35(2): 105-107