Christina Jones HHP, CMT, RYT, SMT, CSP

About Me

Christina "Bhadra" Jones is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Somatics & Movement Therapist, CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner and Certified Presenter. She is a teaching assistant for Upledger Institute International's (UII) CranioSacral Therapy Techniques 1 & 2 Courses and SomatoEmotional Release levels 1 & 2 Courses. Also through Upledger Institute, Christina is a Certified Presenter of the Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy, Overview of CranioSacral Therapy and ShareCare Courses.

The Practice

In Christina's private sessions she integrates multiple massage techniques including the subtle energy and light touch of CranioSacral Therapy ( Guided by contact with each client and the information their systems deliver about where effort should be directed, she selects techniques and modalities that are most appropriate in the moment. A signature of CranioSacral Therapy is feelings of deep relaxation and calm. This kind of treatment stimulates the body's innate ability to self-heal.

With extensive experience as a dancer, choreographer, teacher of dance and dance therapist, Christina draws upon the self-expressive capacity inherent in dance and the inward focus of (Hanna) somatic movement to assist the client in developing new pathways that re-educate the brain-body connection to operate in a pain-free range of motion. Workshops focus on relaxing and balancing the whole body, initiating a transformation in individual well-being.

Christina Bhadra practices and teaches the Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) Technique in hospitals, clinics, universities and for individuals. The IAM Technique is an integration of breath, movement, sound and visualizations. IAM Technique originated and manifested in Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, the global humanitarian and spiritual leader affectionately known as “Amma.” She gave Christina the name “Bhadra,” a Sanskrit word that means grace or beneficial.

Christina Bhadra lives in gratitude and appreciation for the blessings of sharing and receiving greater health and happiness through holistic practices.

Community Involvement

Periodically, Christina Bhadra organizes and coordinates a community "Wellness Day" event that brings together healthcare practitioners of different modalities from acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, to reiki, CranioSacral and other therapies, who offer treatments to the public at substantially reduced rates. This event is an opportunity to raise awareness of the many effective and usually less invasive practices available that stand alone or can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities as well as allopathic medicine for a holistic approach to greater health.

Christina "Bhadra" Jones teaches dance therapy classes to individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders as a tool for expanding their range of motion, coordination and sense of direction and to model socially appropriate behavior.

Christina also endorses the efforts of several charitable endeavors and community empowering artistic companies through annual contributions and volunteer activity including:
      Embracing The World
      Urban Bush Women
      Contra Tiempo: Urban Latin Dance Theatre
      Teri Inc
      Be My Eyes

My Skills

IAHE/UII Certified Presenter
HHP Holistic Health Practitioner
CMT Certified Massage Therapist
RYT Registered Yoga Teacher
SMT Somatics & Movement Therapist
CSP CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner
BA Dance - Columbia College, Chicago, IL

Professional Associations / Memberships

Christina "Bhadra" Jones is a Medallion member of International Association of Healthcare Practitioners - IAHP