Carey is a wife and the mother to 10 beautiful children. She and her family own a homestead and organic farm, where they raise a variety of animals as well as grow herbs, fruit and vegetables. The foundation of her Naturopathic education is facilitating and supporting the body, in its intrinsic ability to heal itself, through natural, non-invasive means. Niamh Wellness is a family practice, with a special focus on women's health, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and infant health. Consultation appointments can be made for those, seeking healthy lifestyle changes, preventative health care, and with needs of acute and chronic health concerns. Specific woman's health issues include hormone balance, menstrual concerns, menopause, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and lactation. Carey brings a unique perspective to women's and children's health, in both her education and life experience. Dr. Horrigan sees clients for in-home appointments, at her Ludington office and her office within Herbal Remedy in Tustin, Michigan.

My Skills

Naturopathy is non-invasive, whole person health care that utilizes natural remedies to support the return of balance or homeostasis. Carey has specialized training in Pregnancy, Labour and Birth, Postpartum conditions and Infant Care, as a Naturopathic Holistic Doula. As a Certified Fertility Specialist Carey has specialized training in menstrual related conditions, cycle balancing and Fertility related conditions. She is also a Lactation Educator, with unique education and experience in lactation induction and re-lactation. In addition to her general Naturopathy education, she is trained in a wide variety of modalities including; Herbology, Nutritional Assessment, Homeopathy, Iridology, Kinesiology, Body Energy and Light Healing Touch, Emotional Release, Hydrotherapy, and Detox. 

Articles & Books Written

Dr. Horrigan wrote her Doctoral Dissertation on "The Naturopathic Approach To Infants And Children With Down Syndrome." She has experience with and a special passion for what non-invasive, natural health approaches can do for the health, wellness and life of those that live with Down syndrome. She hopes to publish a resource book on this subject in the near future. Her website also has articles she has written on various topics of health.

Professional Associations / Memberships

American Naturopathic Certification Board 

International Association of Natural Health Practitioners

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners 

Michigan Naturopathic Association 

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