Cara Meier

About Me

My background and my clinical approach

When working with clients, I use a combination of knowledge that comes from study, observation, experience and intuition. My background includes life-long study of different kinds of healing, my own experiences dealing with chronic pain, and a career of twenty years in biology, botany and ecology with a Master of Science degree in Forestry. The elements of my background come together to give me a perspective that takes in the big picture, whether it involves a person or a landscape. I look for patterns and links among issues, always keeping in mind that I am working with a system, full of parts that I see and know, and others of which I am not aware. This perspective creates an effective approach because it takes the whole person into account and helps me to see with the eyes of the heart. For, as the fox says in The Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Why use craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy appeals to me because it uses a scientific approach that also calls on the practitioner’s intuition when working with a client. Craniosacral therapy focuses on freeing restrictions that exist within the craniosacral system, the system that houses our brain and central nervous system. Since all the systems of our bodies are interrelated, issues that involve muscles, nerves, emotions, immune response, brain function and many others can be balanced by freeing restrictions in the craniosacral system.

My Skills

I practice CranioSacral Therapy and I'm currently studying Ortho-Bionomy and applying it in my sessions when appropriate. Both modalities are born out of Osteopathy and tap into the body's self-correcting mechanisms and wisdom to enable healing without pain or force. I find the combination highly complementary and effective with my clients.

Professional Associations / Memberships

IAHP Medallion Member

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