Annabel Mackenzie is a Registered Shiatsu Therapist in the Province of British Columbia. She has been a private practice in Vancouver, since 1990. 

Annabel's manual therapy approach includes
 Shiatsu therapy, Visceral manipulation, Neural, Vascular and Manual Articular techniques.

Gentle specifically directed manual forces relieve pain and restore resiliency.  The musculoskeletal container as well as the delicate intelligent contents 
( organs, circulatory and nervous systems ) are both important in resolving problems.

Apart from a full clinical practice, Annabel teaches several continuing education seminars in Canada, and abroad.

License Number
RST # 97022

MacDonald Professional Centre
Suite 105 - 2786 West 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K 4M1

tel. 604 261-9588 (day)

Hours of operation / Fees

Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm

 Fee is $140.00 per session

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My skills

Certified Instructor for the following Barral Institute classes:

VM 1 & 2. Visceral Manipulation for the Abdomen
VM 3 Pelvis
VM 4 Thorax

VM 5 Manual Thermal Evaluation and Introduction to VisceroEmotional relationships. 

 LT 1 Listening techniques: an Integrative Approach to Evaluation.

 NM 1 Neuromeninges Manipulation : An Integrative Approach to Trauma
 NM 2 Peripheral Nerve Manipulation: Upper body
 NM 3 Peripheral Nerve Manipulation: Lower body 
 NM 4 Neural manipulation: Brain and Cranial nerve manipulation


Articles & Books Written

Annabel is a translator and editor of Visceral, Neural and Vascular textbooks authored by Jean Pierre Barral and Alain Croibier
 (French to English)

* Manual Therapy for the Cranial Nerves
* Visceral Vascular Manipulation
* New Manual Articular Approach: Upper Extremity
* New Manual Articular Approach : Lower Extremity
* Manual Therapy for the Prostate 
* Understanding the Messages of Your Joints
* New Manual Approach : Cervical spine
* Advanced Visceral Manipulation : Neuroendocrine Approach to the Abdo,em

Professional Associations / Memberships

The Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia (STA)

The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)

 IAHP (International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners)