Alison Bent
Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist

Alison Bent has been practicing massage therapy and bodywork for over two decades, guiding clients to a healthier self by connecting them to their bodies' inner wisdom. In her practice, she seeks to find the places of restriction in the body that cause the discomfort experienced. Often times pain in one area originates from a tension pattern somewhere else other than the place in the body where there is pain. She uses many styles of bodywork to address the goals of the visit. She helps her clients mobilize those found areas of restriction in order to improve the health to the entire body. This takes careful listening, skillful tissue manipulation, and acknowledgement of her client as a whole person. For most of the visit, the treatment happens as her clients comfortably rest on a treatment table. She uses massage therapy and craniosacral therapy techniques to help her clients find relaxation. Her clients post sessions report feeling "energized, healthier, more at ease, less tight, less pain, and better." Alison gives self-care suggestions when needed as well. Alison works with children and infants in her practice. Her office has an elevator and is handicap accessible. Alison Bent came into this field of work while acquiring her BFA in dance at SUNY Purchase College in the early 1990s. She began to both experience the benefits of massage therapy, and study somatics and bodywork. While dancing and teaching professionally, she completed the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy NY program leading up to being licensed in Massachusetts and New York as well as becoming board certified. She began her bodywork practice in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1997, and by 1999 she began to study CranioSacral therapy through the Upledger Institute, and completed coursework to the advanced level. Each year that she has been in practice she has continued to train, to deepen her understanding of ancient and current bodywork techniques. Presently she is taking courses thru the Upledger and the Barral Institute. As she continues to learn her palpation skills have progressed, leading to more effective and efficient treatment sessions for her clients. She enjoys her bodywork practice and hopes to continue to find ways of restoring the health of those who seek the benefits of her skill set. She works gently and deeply with each of her clients as they meet their treatment plan goals.

Alison has helped several clients who have suffered from the following: Headaches and Migraines,Back and Neck Pain, Leg and Foot pain, Shoulder pain, Anxiety, Whiplash, Sports Injuries, Athletic needs pre and post events,Sciatica,TMJ Dysfunction,Restless Leg,Sleep disturbance,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,Latching in nursing babies, Colic in babies,Digestive Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Constipation,Hip and Lower Back Pain,Rotator Cuff issues causing pain,Discomforts of Pregnancy,Fertility issues including loss, Grief, Fibromyalgia, Plantar fasciitis, Sports impact injuries, Concussion issues, Children transitioning thru adoption, Transitional anxiety, Tendonitis, Stress management, tic disorders, Post Traumatic Issues, ADHD, Post Surgical or Burn Scar tissue issues, Infant torticollis, stress reduction, wellness support
Alison Bent

My Skills
CranioSacral Therapy

Sports Massage

Traditional Swedish Massage

Integrated Acupressure

Body-Mind Centering

Visceral Manipulation

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy

Myofascial Release

Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage

Pediatric Bodywork

Professional Associations / Memberships
American Massage Therapy Association

Board Certified by the National Certification of Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Licensed Massage Therapist in the states of Massachusetts and New York

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Upledger's International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

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