Alice  Korosy L.M.T. 16226

Alice Korosy

L.M.T. 16226

Two hats sit on my head, that of faculty in Modern Languages at UCF and that of visceral therapist, although my skill set extends beyond visceral. "Visceral" refers to all of the organs of the body and the therapy includes the nerves, arteries, veins, and joints as well as the organs. My dog Peanut and I are dedicated to helping our clients reach maximum health and comfort in their bodies and their lives. To my clients, Peanut really runs the show since he seems to know my job better than I do! We are also a part of a beautiful network of therapists who refer clients out if we believe that another therapist could better serve our client's needs at that time.

Contact Information

237 Lookout Place
Maitland, FL 32751
United States

tel. 407.739.5011 (day)

My Skills

I am a Certified Teaching Assistant for the Barral Institute, having assisted at classes all over the United States as well as in Argentina, Puerto Rico, Portugal, and Toronto, Canada. I am bilingual, Spanish/English and teach Spanish at the University of Central Florida. You can see from my listing at IAHP that I have taken numerous or all courses in the following therapies: Visceral (the organs of the body) Neuromeningeal (the nerves and their covering) Vascular (includes arteries and veins) Articular (the joints of the body) Spinal (the joints and discs of the spine) Craniosacral (the rhythmic system of fluid in the spine and cranium) Breath

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American Massage Therapy Association American Conference of the Teaching of Foreign Languages Florida Massage Therapy Association