Leonid Moroz

  • Cert. Massage Therapist
  • Board Cert. Structural Integrator
  • Cert. Cupping Therapist

About Me
Leo has completed the Structural Integration (SI) training in *KMI in with Thomas W. Myers and has been board-certified since October 2015. He is currently taking his advanced training in Vascular and Visceral Manipulation at The Barral Institute. Before studying SI, Leo completed a Therapeutic Massage program at the Florida College of Natural Health in Maitland, Florida and successfully practiced massage over 5 years in medical facilities or in his private practice. He has been working as a volunteer for sports events and nonprofit organizations and conducting his professional research in the field of fascia and sports medicine, holistic healthcare, nutrition, fitness, and psychology. His present career in alternative healthcare represents an innovative approach to manual therapy based on body-mind balance and harmony. His early academic training when he studied Management at the Russian-British Institute of Management has helped Leo to build his well-structured practice based on high level of professionalism and integrity. He spends his free time practicing Martial Arts and meditation, skydiving, skiing, skating, swimming, traveling, reading, studying metaphysics and religions, and creating his culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. *KMI is a school of SI founded by Tom Myers, one of Ida Rolf's students. Initially a slang term for structural integration, "Rolfing" has now become the registered service mark of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, one of several schools continuing the legacy of Ida Rolf's work and as such, is no longer used as a generic term when discussing SI.

Professional Associations / Memberships
IASI - Iternational Association of Structural Integrators FRS - Fascia Research Society IAHP - International Association of Healthcare Practitioners ICTA - International Cupping Therapy Assosiation CAUSE - Comfort for America's Unifomed Servises

My skills

Structural integration (Kinesis Myofascial Integration School),

Visceral Manipulations
Types of patient evaluation techniques:
    Osteopathic manual evaluation: General and local listening, Manual, Thermal evaluation, Posture Evaluation (KMI)
  1. Courses with Barral institute: VM1,VM2,VM3,VM4,VM5,VM6,LT1,VVMU,SCB1, .

License Number

71881 (CAMTC)

133 Bridge Street
Suite E
Arroyo Grande , California 93420

tel. 805-457-5729 (day)


Hours of operation / Fees

First evaluation session is complementary (30 mins). Treatment session is usually 90 mins ($150) (Discounts for low income and healthcare practitioners are available by request). New studio discount 20% (AG Village Only)

Driving directions

The same building as McLintocks Restaurant (Second floor).

Available for patients

Case studies, easy to understand explanations about the CranioSacral System, Visceral Manipulation, products to use between sessions, and much more.

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